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Active Duty Military

Apply for a resident license if your principal residence has been in Utah for the past six months and you do not claim residency in any other state. You may also claim residency status if you are on active duty in the military, a military dependent or a full-time college student. You may not have a resident hunting license in another state.

Disabled Veterans

(71-10-2) – Definition of Active Duty and Veteran as per Utah Code Annotated

(5) “Veteran with a disability” means an individual who has:

(a) been separated or retired from the armed forces under honorable conditions; and

(b) established the existence of a service-connected disability or is receiving compensation, disability retirement benefits, or pension because of a public statute administered by the federal Department of Veterans Affairs or a military department.

Disabled Veteran Fishing Licenses are available for Veterans, free of charge, from the Utah Division of Wildlife Resources.  To qualify a Veteran must have obvious physical handicaps, such as, permanently confined to a wheelchair, paraplegic, minus at least one limb, permanently requiring crutches or blind.  (Utah Code Vol. 1, Section 23).

Utah DWR Offices – Information on replacing lost licenses can be obtained from any regional office.


R657-17 – Contains a lot of useful information on Lifetime Hunting and Fishing licenses.

R657-17-8. Lost or Stolen Lifetime Hunting and Fishing License.

(1) If a lifetime hunting and fishing license is lost or stolen, a duplicate may be obtained from any division office by:

(a) providing verification of identity; and

(b) paying a lifetime hunting and fishing license duplication fee.

R657-42-10 – Fees, Exchanges, Surrenders, Refunds and Reallocation of Wildlife Documents


(1) If an unexpired wildlife document is destroyed, lost or stolen, a person may obtain a duplicate from a division office or online license agent, for a duplicate fee as provided in the fee schedule.

(2) The division may waive the fee for a duplicate unexpired wildlife document provided the person did not receive the original wildlife document.

(3) To obtain the duplicate wildlife document, the applicant may be required to complete an affidavit testifying to such loss, destruction or theft.

License Information

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