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Throw’n Thunder Lure Company Review

Throwin ThunderI recently got the chance to review a couple lures from the guys over at Throw’n Thunder Lure Company and came away very impressed. The company sent me two of their unique four-bladed “Bring he Thunder” spinnerbaits, one in chartreuse and one in white, along with a twin-bladed topwater buzzbait. The first thing that jumped out at me when I inspected the lures for the first time was their excellent build quality. I could immediately tell that when Throw’n Thunder Lures says that their products are hand-crafted with the finest materials that they really mean it.

The bass won’t know what hit ‘em

when you toss a lure from the  Throw’n Thunder Lure Company The Bass wont know what hit them! The incredibly sharp Mustad hooks that are used in each and every Throw’n Thunder lure made their presence known to me right away. I didn’t waste any time before accidentally gouging myself on one of the lures (I figured I’d get it out of the way early) and let me tell you…they are SHARP. You can trust me when I say that. I worked for a lure company assembling worm harnesses a few years ago. That company also used Mustad hooks and I had plenty of them buried in my hand to know that they are sharp and hold a point well.

throw'n thunder lure companyA Whole New Standard

There are several things that set these lures apart from others on the market with the first being the use of 70% titanium wire to ensure flexibility. The vast majority of spinnerbaits made by other lure companies are built with stainless steel wire. The flexibility of the titanium wire offers anglers two big advantages. The first advantage is the ability to pull the lures off of snags without them snapping and then being able to bend the wire back so the lures run true once again. This is just about impossible to achieve with stainless steel wire, but Throw’n Thunder lures make it possible.

Throw’n Thunder Test

I was lucky enough to not encounter any snags during my field testing of the lures, but I was able to notice just how big the other advantage to titanium wire could be. The increased flexibility in the wire gives the blades on the lure increased vibration which in turn can get finicky bass to strike when they aren’t hitting any other lures. The bite was very quiet during each of my field test trips. However, I was able to get strikes on the four-bladed white spinnerbait from Throw’n Thunder when no other lure was drawing any interest.

throw'n thunder

Angler Error

Although I wasn’t able to connect on any of the strikes, that is entirely angler error and had nothing to do with the performance of the lure at all. I came to the conclusion that the varying vibration and the use of four blades made this lure appealing to fish on a day when nothing else was. I worked the lure through shallow water to see if the four blades on the lure really made a difference in the action. I was pleasantly surprised to find that it definitely did. These spinnerbaits run with a very enticing and noticeable action that I have no doubt will help anyone to catch more fish, especially in pressured waters.

All The Buzz

The buzzbait that I was sent, the Double Thunderclap Buzzbait in frog imitation, was of the same extremely high-quality of the spinnerbaits and looked great on the water once I cast it too. The twin blades on this lure are tuned perfectly and create an incredible action on the surface of the water unlike many other lures I’ve thrown in the past. Poor blade performance is usually one of my top complaints with buzzbaits, but this lure set those complaints to rest before they could even surface. Top water fishing for largemouth bass is one of my favorite ways to fish and I will definitely be moving the Throw’n Thunder Double Thunderclap to the top of my topwater tackle box. Yes, I have an entire tackle box dedicated to topwater lures.

throw'n thunder lure company spinner unpackagedFantastic Lures

I would not hesitate to recommend these lures to any of my fishing buddies or to anyone who reads this review. The Throw’n Thunder Lure Company, based in Lapel, Indiana, builds some fantastic lures from the highest quality materials and stand behind all of their lures 100%. They will even custom build you a lure if the color combination you want isn’t already available from their store. You just don’t get that kind of service very often these days, but the Throw’n Thunder Lure Company is dedicated to offering all their customers the highest quality lures so that they may have the most exciting and fulfilling fishing trips possible.

To check out available lures from Throw’n Thunder Lure Company, including exciting new colors for 2015, check out their website here. Tight lines and happy fishing!

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