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Active Duty Military

Military personnel stationed in SC are eligible for resident hunting/fishing licenses, permits and tags.

Military personnel who are residents of South Carolina stationed outside of the state, and home on leave, shall upon presentation of official furlough or leave papers, be allowed to fish or hunt without purchasing a fishing or hunting license or saltwater fishing license. A resident WMA permit, resident big game permit, migratory bird permit (HIP) and state and federal duck stamp must be obtained when applicable

Disabled Veterans

SC Code of Law, Sec. 50-9-510 (16) provides that any person who has been a domiciled resident of SC
for at least one year and who is determined to be totally disabled under one of the following programs, may obtain
a statewide fishing and hunting license. The license is valid only for three years and disability recertification will be
required for renewal.
Any person with quadriplegia or paraplegia who is certified as totally disabled will not have to obtain a disability
recertification. The license, when issued, will be permanent.

In order to purchase a hunting or fishing license online, you must have proof of identity such as:

  • a valid driver’s license issued in the United States or
  • a valid State issued identification card or
  • a Military ID or
  • a Passport

Reference for general Hunting and Fishing Licenses in SC: Title 50, Chapter 9, Section 10

Camping & State Parks

SECTION 51-3-60. Use of facilities free of charge by aged, blind or disabled; disabled veterans; reduced rates for campsites.

Any South Carolina resident who is over sixty-five years of age or disabled or legally blind as defined in § 43-25-20 of the 1976 Code may use any facility of a state park except campsites, overnight lodging and recreation buildings without charge. Such residents may also use campsite facilities at one-half of the prescribed fee. A person exercising this privilege on the basis of age shall present his medicare card or other card approved by the South Carolina Commission on Aging to the employee of the State Department of Parks, Recreation and Tourism who is in charge of the particular state park, and a person who is disabled or legally blind shall present to such person in charge of the park a certificate to that effect from a licensed doctor of medicine or an official of an agency authorized by law to make determinations of disability or blindness. The authorization for use of the facilities as provided by this section shall not be effective if it conflicts with any federal law, rule or regulation.

The term “disabled” as used herein shall mean the inability to perform substantial gainful employment by reason of a medically-determinable impairment, either physical or mental, which has lasted or is expected to last for a continuous period of twelve months or more.

Any South Carolina resident who is a veteran and who has been classified by the Veterans Administration as permanently and totally disabled may also enter any state park without charge upon presentation to the person in charge of the park of an identification card from the county veterans affairs officer stating the veteran’s permanent and total disability. A statement of age or disability may not be made for any person whose age and disability records are not maintained in the veterans affairs office at which the request is made.

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