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Active Duty Military

Every member of the armed forces or of the merchant marine of the United States may hunt or fish in this state if that person procures a hunting or fishing license issued by the state of Rhode Island, the fee for which is that charged for a resident civilian.

Reference: Title 20, Chapter 20-2, Section 20-2-31(b)

Disabled Veterans

Veterans: In order to be determined to be eligible for a 100% Permanent Disability Fishing/Combination License, applicants are required to present the ORIGINAL DOCUMENT OF THE FINAL DECISION(S), from the Department of Veteran Affairs for a fishing license. For a hunting license, the applicant MUST also provide a previous RHODE ISLAND HUNTING LICENSE, a HUNTER SAFETY CARD, OR AN HONORABLE DISCHARGE (DD-214). THIS LICENSE, ONCE ISSUED IS PERMANENT.

Application for 100% Permanent Disability Fishing/Combination License.

License Information

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