Paul Winks

Paul Winks MHAF

I'm Paul Winks, and I'm proud to join the group at Military Hunting and Fishing.  I'm a life long Hoosier, and Purdue Boilermaker fan.  I grew up in a hunting and fishing family.  My grandmother introduced me to panfish and morel mushrooms at a young age.  My uncles took me on my first squirrel and rabbit hunts, and my Dad instilled a love of deer hunting and an appetite for ginseng.  Other interests, like waterfowl and turkeys, I picked up on my own.  These days, waterfowl and river fishing consume most of my outdoor time, but I do still dabble in small game and deer every year.

My two sons are my outdoor companions these days.  I've spent a lot of time and effort to teach them the same respect and love for the outdoors that I developed years ago.  I also have an entire tribe of grandsons, from first grade down to 2.  My hands are gonna be full for years to come.

I'm a welder by trade.  That ability and desire to build has made me a avid DIY'er.  Duck decoys, tree stands, and even duck boats…if I use it, I'm gonna try to build it.  

Chances are, if you are here, we have a lot of common interests.  I look forward to sharing mine with you!