Brian Belko


My name is Brian Belko and I am a hunter, angler, gun nut, and writer. My first exposure to the great outdoors was hiking and farm pond fishing with my dad. To this day, watching a bobber dip beneath the surface of a pond still thrills me to no end.

It wasn’t until later that I became interested in hunting. It all started, like many young hunters, with a .22 rifle. I can still remember seeing my dad’s old .22s in the basement of my childhood home and always being drawn to them. When my parents decided I was finally old enough to learn to shoot, it didn’t take long for me to become hooked for life.

Those early days with that old, single-shot .22 rifle evolved into a deep love of hunting and the shooting sports. Small game hunting was my main interest back then. However, it only took one successful spring turkey hunt to get me obsessed with chasing gobblers. I also collect military surplus firearms and enjoy restoring, maintaining and firing guns that are pieces of history.

I’m very happy to be a member of the Military Hunting and Fishing Pro Staff and can’t wait to start sharing my knowledge and experience (and learning more myself) with the other avid outdoorsmen and women who visit the site.

Brian Belko