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Gregory Beckman

Gregory Beckman

Hi, I am Gregory Beckman, as the main owner of Military Hunting and Fishing let me tell you a little bit more about myself. I am currently an active duty member in the United States Coast Guard. I have been an active duty member for seven years and counting, traveling the world, and defending my country! My experiences have shaped the way that I see the world and my memories will stick with me for a lifetime. Read More


Amy Sward

Amy Sward MHAF Pro Staff

Born and raised in Mifflin County, Pennsylvania, I come from a long line of outdoorsmen and hunting and fishing have always been a part of my life.  My father took me to the woods when I was a little… Read More

Jeannett L. Eiden

Jeannett Pheasant Military Hunting and fishing pro staff

I was raised an Air Force brat and have had the privilege of living in many different places growing up, from Incirlik, Turkey, to Houston Texas, to North Pole, Alaska which is where my love for the outdoors began… Read More

Jamie Agnew

Jamie Agnew Military Hunting and Fishing pro staff

I can still remember the first time I shot clay pigeons with my family, I was about 8 or so and I can remember my dad standing behind me helping me aim and shoot. He also, was making sure that I wouldn’t fall over from the recoil of the shot gun. Which at that time… Read More

Brian Belko

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My name is Brian Belko and I am a hunter, angler, gun nut, and writer. My first exposure to the great outdoors was hiking and farm pond fishing with my dad. To this day, watching a bobber dip beneath the surface of a pond still thrills me to no end.

It wasn’t until later that I became interested in hunting. It all started, like many young hunters, with a .22 rifle. I can still remember seeing my dad’s old .22s in the basement of my childhood home and always being drawn to them. When my parents decided I was finally old enough to learn to shoot, it didn’t take long for me to become hooked for life. Read More

Paul Winks

Paul Winks MHAF

I’m Paul Winks, and I’m proud to join the group at Military Hunting and Fishing.  I’m a life long Hoosier, and Purdue Boilermaker fan.  I grew up in a hunting and fishing family.  My grandmother introduced me to panfish and morel mushrooms at a young age.  My uncles took me on my first squirrel and rabbit hunts, and my Dad instilled a love of deer hunting and an appeitite for ginseng.  Other intrerests, like waterfowl and turkeys, I picked up on my own.  These days, waterfowl and river fishing consume most of my outdoor time, but I do still dabble in small game and deer every year. Read More

Chris Wallace

Chris Wallace Bio Pic

Growing up my father had my little brother and I on the Tennessee Valley waterways in Northern Alabama every Saturday morning 30 minutes before sunrise.  If we weren’t wetting a line then we were working around our place in the country. My father instilled a tough work ethic in all of us because that is all he knew, which is why I am so appreciative of him taking the time to teach me how to fish.  Due to his work schedule we never got around to the hunting part. I was always interested in hunting; researched it, watched the shows, read about it and even watched wildlife I just never went throughout my time living at home. Read More

Isaac Mendiola


I am a 27 year old Marine Veteran, and I have recently found my way back home to Texas. Born and raised in the Texas hill country, I grew up with the sounds of cicadas, the smell of pine and cedar and a view of rolling green hills as far as the eye can see. My favorite memory of all is the sound of the Guadalupe River flowing by as its icy cold water rushes over my feet. Growing up, fishing was all I really cared for. My tackle box was filled with nothing more than a few hooks, bobbers, and maybe a couple spinner baits. Read More

 Mark Rodgers

Predator Hunter (1)

I’m a native Northern Californian who grew up in a non-hunting household. Our house was built in the middle of an olive orchard in a small town where there were more horses than humans.

As a kid I heard stories of my great uncles who were avid hunters and I knew that, in spite of my upbringing, I was born with the same warrior spirit. The spirit that drove me to buy my first BB gun at the age of 11 and carefully conceal it from my parents for years. Read More

 Jonathan Fassnacht


Hello, I am Jonathan Fassnacht. I have been married to my amazing wife Ashley for 5 years and have two beautiful children, Reed and Lillian. I am an active duty Officer in the U.S. Coast Guard and originally from South Central Pennsylvania. I give credit and thanks to my Father who always ensured that my brother and I grew up with wholesome experiences in the outdoors both hunting and fishing. Read More

 Barry Hoehne

My name is Barry Hoehne, and my friends call me UB (Uncle Barry). I am an Illinois native that grew up fishing the tributaries of the Mississippi river, the Great Lakes and many small ponds around my hometown of Bolingbrook. Since joining the United States Air Force almost 22 years ago I’ve been blessed to have the opportunity to fish all over the world; my personal record was fishing 8 countries in just 2 months! Read More

 Darren J Maher

I am Darren J Maher M.A. which stands for a Masters Degree in Economics (everyones favorite subject) and a Masters Degree in the field of Geography. Additionally I hold a Bachelors Degree in Science in Business Administration.

Currently I have become more and more disabled due to genetic issues so its hard to get out and work along with my passions of shooting and hunting. Read More

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