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Active Duty Military

Military personnel on active duty with the armed forces of the United States, on authorized leave from a duty station located outside of this state, and a legal resident of this state, may hunt or fish without a license. You must carry your leave papers and a copy of a current earnings statement showing a tax deduction for IA income taxes while hunting or fishing.

Disabled Veterans

IA Code 483A.4  “Permanent disability” defined.
For the purpose of obtaining a license, a person has a “permanent disability” if any of the following apply:
1.  The person has been found under the provisions of the federal Social Security Act, Tit. II, or any other public or private pension system to have a total, permanent physical or mental condition which prevents that person from engaging in the person’s occupation or qualifies that person for retirement.
2.  The person has a severe physical disability and has qualified for a special license under section 483A.24.

483A.24  When license not required — special licenses. This link highlights the Disabled Veterans area.

Iowa Veterans Lifetime License Disabled veterans – $7.00, lifetime hunting and fishing combined license. Prisoners of war – $7.00, lifetime hunting and fishing combined license (habitat fees must be purchased annually).Veteran Lifetime Hunting and Fishing License Application (Form #542-1412) A lifetime hunting and fishing license for veterans who have a service connected disability or were POW’s. (Hawkeye State residents only) The veterans affairs division of the department of public defense will assist the DNR in verifying the status or claims of applicants. “Veteran” means a person who is a resident of Iowa and who is a veteran as defined by IA Code 35.1(2). “Disabled” means entitled to compensation under the United States Code, title 38, chapter 11 (service-connected). Duplicate License – Online

  • Special notes about this License listing:
  • NR = Nonresident
  • Dup = Duplicate
  • Vet = Veteran
  • Antls = Antlerless

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