Classic Skull Mounts

Classic Skull Mounts

My name is Matt Anderson and I am the owner and founder of Classic Skull Mounts. I grew up in rural Montana in a family where everyone hunted. Mule deer are the preferred game species but we also hunt antelope, elk, and whitetail regularly. My dad has killed more big bucks than pretty much anyone who is not a professional hunter. Every single year for the last 61 hunting seasons he has gotten a buck. They have mostly been muleys, but there have been a few whitetails thrown in for good measure.


I grew up very poor financially, but rich in the amount of time that I was able to spend outdoors. We never had money for the best gear, or nice vehicles, or even new clothes. Whenever we would get a nice buck to hang on the wall, we would cut the skull cap off of the skull and slap it to a board and call it good. Keep in mind that some of these bucks are one-in-a-lifetime type bucks and were not being displayed to their true potential. I have taken several of these huge bucks and mounted them on reproduction skulls and you can barely recognize them.


I can appreciate a nice shoulder mount, but what really gets me excited is seeing a really well done skull mount. There is just something about a stark white skull and dark antlers that makes me happy. That being said, all skull mounts are not created equal. I have done a lot of research and tried a few different methods to come up with what I think is the best way, start to finish, of cleaning and whitening skulls that will last a very long time.


A lot of skull cleaning places do not degrease long enough to leach the grease out of the bone. It doesn't matter what you do at that point, in terms of whitening, it will not last and the grease will seep out over time. Your white skull mount will turn yellow or brown and just look terrible. There is no set amount of time that a good skull mount takes to complete, each one is different and requires it's own plan of action to get the best out of it.


I want your trophy to stand out from the crowd. I want people to stop and stare and, more importantly, remember your trophy. It should not just be another set of antlers on the wall. The care that I take in preserving your trophy will set it apart. Along with that, how you mount the skull when it is complete goes a long way. All of my wall plaques and pedestals ensure that your trophy is displayed in the most flattering manner. The key is in the angle. You never want to see a skull mount where the skull is hanging parallel to the wall. This is where a lot of people go wrong. Having the skull sit at a 45 degree angle from the wall will display the antlers in all of their glory. The difference is incredible. Take a look at some of the pictures on my website and you will see what I am talking about. I can also do restoration work including fixing broken points, recoloring antlers, and mounting on reproduction skulls to really get the most out of your trophy.


If you are interested in having a skull mount done with me don't hesistate to call, email, message through Facebook or twitter, or send a message through my website. It is fairly simple to ship a skull to me to have cleaned and I can walk you through the process. I am located in Wisconsin, about 30 miles outside of Milwaukee, and fairly centrally located to make shipping as simple as can be.


I can be reached through any of the following methods:



Twitter @classicskulls


I offer a 10% discount for Veterans

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