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Klax Product ReviewWell Klecker Knives has done it again with one of the most ingenious out door recreation tools that i have seen in a long time. I am talking about the Klax Multi tool Ax system.

Brief history of the Ax

The ax is a tool that has been around for 10,000 + years and has had some minor changes over the course of time. Over the course of the 10,000 years the ax has transformed from stone, copper, bronze, iron to steel. The function of the ax has been one that transcends the test of time and has its place in history as one of the most useful tools.

Klax Many tools in one

klaxThe Klecker Ax is not your everyday ax, it really is the outdorsman’s multi tool. Featuring almost everything a survivalist needs in one item is no easy task! So lets look at the features of the Klax.

  • Stainless Steel Axe Blade
  • Patent Pending Clamping System
  • Built-in Ulu Knife Blade
  • Knife Blade
  • Hammer Head
  • klaxCutting/Gut Hook
  • Hex Wrench Set (Inches)
  • 1/4” Hex Bit Driver Socket
  • Bottle Opener
  • Lanyard Hole
  • Carabineer for Easy Carry
  • Ruler (Inches)
  • Comes with Ballistic Nylon Sheath

Klax Form and Function

Upon initial inspection i was surprised at the quality of the blades and construction. Although i shouldn’t have been from my last klecker knife the knife for you Review.  The Klax weighing in at 16 ounces without the handle is a huge reduction in weight when compared to the Coleman Axe that weighs 30 oz in my pack. This is a huge weight reduction for any outdoors person when every ounce counts! A lighter pack makes for a better trek!

Nylon Sheath

The premium nylon sheath is a must have with this ax and lucky for us it comes with just that. The sheath offers enough protection to keep the sharp bits away from where you don’t want them. Snuggly fitting the Klax and offering two velcro closures and a belt loop to keep it at the ready it is the perfect combination. Although the sheath is excellent at securing the ax head it does not offer a way to secure the handle. All in all the lack of handle carrier does not take away from the ax and its usability in any way!

Klax Handle

The premium handle although not a necessity for any of the three types of Klax’s crafted from hard wood to withstand the rigors of use in the field.  This optional handle is just over 15 inches long and equipped with a built-in vertical slot to fit. The vertical clamp notches enable a secure connection and perfect fit every time on the Feller Head, the Lumberjack, and the Titanium Klax.


I would have been highly surprised if the Klax didn’t function amazingly as an ax. I reviewed the Lumberjack version with the Klecker patented clamping system. I found the clamping system intuitive and requiring no explanation. Here is my initial test of Klecker’s Ax.


As you can see from the video:

  1. I am no lumber jack.
  2. Cutting a tree down using one hand to video is not ideal.
  3. The Klax has no problem cutting this puny tree.

On the initial test i did discover something that is of note. The ax head was not secured properly by me on first instillation causing the clamping mechanism to slide slightly on the handle during the chopping. Upon further inspection I needed to tighten the clamp and then encountered no further problems.

This Thing Is Sharp

klaxIts an ax with a knife on it, duh it is sharp. Well let me tell you how sharp. When i was putting the Klax back into its Ballistic Nylon Sheath i grazed my finger with the cutting blade on the bottom. There was blood everywhere and i didn’t even know i was cut or where! I have no doubt that the blade on the bottom of the Klax can be used for many things including a draw knife to make fine tinder to start your fire. The gut hook is no exception. It has no problem slicing right through paracord and i’m sure you would have no problem using it to gut a deer.



Everyone from the extreme backpacker to the weekend camper could use a Klax in there kit! Available at three price points The FellerHead $115, the Lumberjack $160, and the Ti-Klax for the extreme Outdoorsman coming in at $550. Klecker Knives hit it out of the park once again with this Ax.  I have no problem putting the MHAF Stamp of approval on the Klax. MHAF Tested and approved! MHAF Approved







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