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 Wolf Premium Oil LogoAs a Military member, Hunter and all around survivalist my gun can mean the difference between life and death if the situation ever arises. Spending thousands of dollars on the guns and the gear that is attached to them to make them function every time I pull the trigger. So when Wolf Premium Oil ask me to review their product I was rather skeptical as to its ability to clean and lubricate my rifles, shotguns and pistol!  

The Wonderful Lubricity of this New Oil


Wolf Premium Oil being the new kids on the block, as far as gun oils and lubricants go, claim to outperform all other lubricants on the market. Claiming “All of our oils have tested well above average in lubricity and removal of impurities on any metal surfaces that it contacts” made me a little skeptical. Being a company that has all its manufacturing and distribution in the USA based out of Oklahoma, I thought I would give them a try. Not only does Wolf Premium Oil stand behind their product 100% but they are creating jobs in the US of A and donating 10% of their profits to a different charity every month to help those in need!  

Before Wolf Premium Oil’s contacted me I had not really thought about the solvent or lubrication that I was using on my weapons. Being an Uncle Hoppe’s NO.9 user for the better part of 15 years it never accrued to me to switch from this well know easy to get brand name of solvent and oil. Uncle Hoppe’s has been good to my guns over the years and in return I kept buying what I knew or thought to know worked.

Wolf Premium Oils 1oz bottleWhen Mike Wolf told me he was mailing me a 1oz. bottle of his oil, that he claimed could do 30 or more cleanings, I was even more skeptical then before. Knowing I use an excessive amount of Uncle Hoppe’s when cleaning my guns I figured there was no way that one 1oz. bottle would ever get close to 30 cleanings.

Sitting Down in my Garage.  

“Because my wife hates the smell of Uncle Hoppe’s” I’m in the garage getting my cleaning kit ready for a good once over on all my weapons. Thinking that testing Wolf Premium Oil would show little if any residue removal, because my guns were cleaned, unused and put away a little over 3 months ago.

Before every cleaning, I check and triple check to make sure the weapons were clear and that no rounds were in the chamber. With magazines removed from the weapons I proceeded. I highly suggest that you make this a permanent practice when handling any firearm! Because Uncle Hoppe’s and Breakfree CLP contain known carcinogens and contains Kerosene I am use to wearing my safety glasses and gloves. A practice that I also recommend to everyone cleaning any weapon with any solvent. “A clean gun does no good if you can’t see to use it anymore!”

Takedown Remington 870 Wolf Premium Oil CleaningAfter breaking apart my guns and inspecting all the components for wear and tear I was ready to begin. Starting with my pistol I applied a little bit of Wolf Premium Oil to all the rails and internal components letting it set for a moment and then brushing it down with my soft bristled cleaning brush. As I cleaned off the residue I was surprised at the amount of powder residue and metal shavings that were coming out of a gun that I had cleaned no less than 3 months ago. The cotton swatches that I was using to wipe the residue out with were almost coming out black as Wolf Premium Oil bonded to the metal it pushed the residue out of all the microscopic pits in the metal.

XD.45 Barrel wearOn the barrel of my gun there is quite a bit of wear from firing 1000’s of rounds in every condition imaginable from 120º heat in North Carolina to -10º days in Alaska. My pistol has seen it all from dry arid conditions to damp rainy forests and needs to preform every time I pull the trigger! As I applied the Wolf Premium Oil I could notice a change in the metal of the barrel, it was almost like it was repairing the damage that thousands of rounds had done over the years. “I can kick myself now for not taking before and after pictures not thinking there would be a noticeable difference!”

Moving on to the spring using a rag I applied a little dab here and there and gave it a quick once over with a cotton cloth removing some residue and any excess that remained. I reassembled my gun and decided to use the same cotton cloth to apply a protective XD.45 Top View Wolf Premium Oil Cleaningcoat of oil to the exterior metal frame to see if I obtained the same results as on the interior. Being my primary Concealed Carry Gun it gets placed in and out of a holster quite a bit and has some minor wear on it. Placing a dab of the oil on the cotton cloth and wiping down the exterior I couldn’t believe my eyes. My seven year old XD .45 had a brand new life to it, showing a shine and color that I had not seen since the day that I purchased the Weapon for Bear Protection in Alaska. “I’ll get flack for carrying a .45 for bear protection but that’s for another Post”.

Cleaning my shotguns and other rifles I had more of the same results. The guns are not only cleaner now but also function and cycle better! My guns have never felt so smooth when chambering a round. “Dummy rounds mind you” Side note: Don’t chamber live rounds when testing, this is a dangerous and sometimes fatal practice! Using less than a dab of the bottle I was able to clean all seven of my Wolf Premium Oil Dirty Ragguns and have enough for probably another 30 more cleanings with the 1 oz. bottle of Wolf Premium Oil, just as Mr. Wolf professed.

My only regret I had during the whole cleaning process was that I used too much Wolf Premium Oil on my pistol when I first started. This is not a downfall to Wolf Premium Oil but a downfall on myself for thinking I’d need to use as much as when I clean with Hoppe’s NO.9.

All in all Wolf Premium Oil has made a Believer out of me! 

Remington 870 Wolf Premium Oils Cleaning

Not only did Wolf Premium Oil clean better then Hoppe’s NO.9 but it lubricated and brought back that luster that all guns deserve. Wolf Premium Oil has no smell that I could tell and maybe the wife will let me clean my guns inside the house once again. Although Wolf Premium Oil is labeled as an irritant I had not had a problem like with other brands, it did not dry out my skin or leave any residue after wiping it off my hands.

Military Hunting and Fishing Tested and Approved!

MHAF Approved

The Wolf Premium Oil product is Military Hunting and Fishing tested and approved. I not only approve the product but I am switching to their brand from here on out. That new bottle of Hoppe’s NO.9 will go back in the cleaning case as a backup cleaner. I am a Wolf Premium Oil customer for as long as they are in business and spreading the word to all those that swear by other brands. With a product like Wolf Premium Oil being made in the USA all the way and Mr. Wolf giving back to the community by creating jobs for friends and family and standing by their product 100% I could not ask for more in a Gun Oil company.

But don’t take my word for how good Wolf Premium Oil is – Go and get a bottle and try it for yourself. If you don’t like it, don’t fret, it is 100% guaranteed by Mike Wolf himself!

Stay tuned to Wolf’s All-in-One Gun Lubricant & Cleaner June release on their Facebook page.

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