Wolf Premium Bow Oil Product Review

wolf premium bow oilA couple of months ago I got a very excited call from Mike Wolf. Me and mike occasionally talk and i could tell he had something to share. After the routine pleasantries and small talk Mike went on to tell me how Wolf Premium Oils would be releasing a new product the Wolf Premium Bow Oil. Me just getting into archery last year, (Better late than never) I knew that i had to give it a try.

I had no doubt after trying Wolf Premium Gun Oil that Mike Wolf had developed another great product. But to be fair to my readers I cant just indorse a product without testing and giving it the MHAF stamp of Approval. Just to be fair for the review and prove I am not bias, I am receiving no form of compensation for this reviewolf premium bow oilw or any other except for the oil that was provided for testing.

Starting off like every other review I opened the package quickly so that I could pull it out and look at the new logo on the bottle. The newly designed bottles are easier to read than the previous packaging that the company had used. With clear concise instructions I began to test it on my Blackout Bow.

Wolf Premium Bow Oil Application

20150225_235530As the instructed I applied the Wolf Premium Bow Oil to my String, Pulleys and Cams. My bow not had not been cleaned since hunting seasons end it had not been shot. I should really take better care of my toys. Un-like the gun oil I had no need to scrub crud off the bow. Using a small rag I spread the bow oil around on the string’s and applied a little dab to the cams and pulleys.

20150226_000615The oil did take off a large amount of dirt as you can see in the Pictures. I also need to not that some of the strings coloring did come off onto the rag but it did not show any difference in the string.  Just like Wolf Premium Oils Gun Oil a little dab will do you. The oil was easily spread and once on the cams and pulleys I could feel a noticeable difference on the smoothness of my draw.

20150226_002700After applying the Bow Oil to the string, cams and pulleys i notice that the screws on my sight were getting a little tarnished and rusted. Dabbing the rag with a little bit of oil i lightly polished the screws and removed the rust. I also applied some to the swivel of my release that had a little squeak. The oil had no problem removing the Squeak and gunk and allowing my release to swivel silently.

MHAF ApprovedAll in all Wolf Premium Oil Has done it again with their Bow Oil. I would recommend Wolf Premium Bow Oil to every archer. Its not to late to get your bow cleaned before the spring season. Just head on over to Wolf Premium Oils  and get a bottle. Just one bottle will last you years of cleaning. I am proud to once again give Wolf Premium Oils the MHAF coveted seal of approval. This product is MHAF tested and approved.

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