Wisconsin Wolf Hunting Quota Met

Wisconsin Wolf HuntingNot even a week into the Wisconsin Wolf Hunting season and the harvest is already closed in four areas after hunters nearly filled the districts quota. The DNR says Zones 1, 2, 4 and 5 are closed to hunting and trapping of Gray Wolves. Zones 3 and 6 will remain open to hunters and trappers to help fill the remaining harvest.

Wisconsin Wolf Hunting Quota

This year in Wisconsin the natural resources board approved a wolf quota of 156 as proposed by the DNR's Wolf Advisory Committee. Although 156 were approved only 91 animals will be hunted Due to the state's Chippewa tribe being entitled to half of the permits.

Wisconsin Wolf Hunting wolfsThe Chippewa Tribes

The Chippewa Tribes oppose wolf hunting because they hold a cultural importance, some believed to be lost brothers and sisters. The tribes also oppose the wolf hunt because they believe the state's population goal of 350 is too low and could result in the crash of the state's wolf population, said Zorn, who advocates for a regional approach to wolf management. Officials estimate there were 850 wolves in Wisconsin in 2012. For additional Wisconsin Wolf Hunting Season information or closure information the DNR will be putting out online notifications, news releases and can be reached at 855-299-9653

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