Weather is the Enemy Scope Shield review

mountainsun-rise-_deer huntingNothing beats walking into the field as the sun is breaking over the hills. The cool crisp air of the morning, the smell of fresh morning dew rising in the air. The sights and sounds of the forest coming alive right before your eyes as you make your way to the stand. 30 yards ahead of you something stops you in your tracks. You grab your rifle and go to take aim on the ten point buck you have been watching all season in your trail cam pictures. As you bring your rifle up to take aim you notice that the glass has fogged and you cant make the shot. Thinking to yourself only if I had a Scope Shield!  

Weather is the Enemy

Many times as hunters we are fighting with the weather. Not only does the weather change our hunting styles but it dramatically effects the movement and patterns of the animals that we pursue! The weather also does something that many hunters overlook, it effects our gear. Scopes are some of the worst when it comes to this effect.

Scope Fogging

Fogging happens when the temperature of your scope changes. Some hunters go to extreme links to prevent Scope Fogging. Hunters will do anything from leaving their rifles outside exposed to the elements or covering the scope with a sock or hat to help hold equalize the temperature till they go to make the shot. The problem with these methods is that it exposes your rifle to possible damage and is rough on the lenses of your scope potentially causing perminate damage. 

The Scope Shield Solution


The ingenious Scope Shield is the solution to all the problems listed above with some nifty added features that we at MHAF wish we had thought of. The scope shield is made out of a neoprene material to help protect your scope from the elements and damage. With the waterproof neoprene exterior and having a soft interior water beads right off.

The keeper loop is one of my favorite features of the Scope Shield. Although the keeper loop might not fit every style rifle such as those with custom for grips or accessories that prevent the loop from sliding close enough to reach the scope, I found no problem fitting it on my AR-15 DPMS Rifle. Made out of a nylon material I am not worried about wear or tear and seems to blend into the design of the of the scope cover. 

ss_how_to_steps_scope shieldThe grabber loop is another of my favorite features. With the grabber loop you can pull and almost slingshot the Scope Shield off the scope it falling away and your ready to shoot. With this quick spring action it is perfect for hunting in hostile conditions, making your rifle ready at a moments notice! 

American Made

The Scope Shield is an American made product. Founded in 1995 by John Stram an avid hunter of Prince of Wales Island in Alaska. I can vouch that Prince of Wales is no stranger to changing conditions often with only a moments notice or change of the wind. After trying many other scope covers John decided to try his hand at making the ultimate scope cover. I am here to tell you he succeeded in his quest. Now the scope shield is manufactured in Oregon and distributed though out the world. 

MHAF ApprovedWhen ordering a Scope Shield you will need to know the dimensions of your scope to get the perfect fit since each one is made to its own specifications. This allows the Scope Shield to fit securely to each and every scope on the market and provides a quality that surpasses all others. With a wide range of different colors and styles from matching cammo to zombie killer logos there is one for every gun! I am proud to have Scope Shield as a partner and to give this product the MHAF Seal of approval! 

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