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Duck decoy mallard

As hunting seasons approach, outdoorsmen spend a good deal of time preparing for days afield pursuing their quarry of choice. Target practice, scouting, hanging stands, running cameras, planting food plots, tuning up the boat and rebrushing blinds.  Getting ready to relax in the woods can be a LOT of work!  Aside from all that, I also paint, or repaint, many of my decoys. With the variety and availability of decoys today, why would I bother?

I Started by Necessity

Several years ago, I tried my hand at making foam decoys.  Painting was the one part of the process I dreaded.  I'm pretty handy, and good at working thru projects, but I've never been accused of being artistic.  As a result, my first attempts were kind of cartoonish.  I've gotten better, but they are still pretty ugly.  Fortunately, the ducks don't seem to be as critical as I am.

Shovel head decoy


I Can Extend the Life of My Decoys

No matter the quality of your decoy, at some point the paint is going to chip and start peeling.  Better decoys take some time to get to this point, but some brands seem to be peeling right out of the box.  It wasn't a great leap to go from painting foamers to repainting plastics.  They have to be clean, and a plastic friendly paint has to be used to at least prime the surface.  Some of the more intricately patterned ducks, like woodies, can be a challange, but mallard drakes and other simply patterned ducks are easy to duplicate.

mallard decoy

decoy versitility


Last season, the local Fish & Wildlife area I hunt had a number of swans.  While they aren't legal to hunt here, I was able to paint one of my geese to add a swan to my spread.  It was something different from all the other decoy spreads, and gave the ducks about as much confidence as you can give them on a busy public marsh.  Now, its time to turn my swan back into a canada goose.  I made a short video to show just how quick and easy painting your decoys can be.


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I'm Paul Winks, and I'm proud to join the group at Military Hunting and Fishing. I'm a life long Hoosier, and Purdue Boilermaker fan. I grew up in a hunting and fishing family. My grandmother introduced me to panfish and morel mushrooms at a young age. My uncles took me on my first squirrel and rabbit hunts, and my Dad instilled a love of deer hunting and an appeitite for ginseng. Other intrerests, like waterfowl and turkeys, I picked up on my own. These days, waterfowl and river fishing consume most of my outdoor time, but I do still dabble in small game and deer every year. My two sons are my outdoor companions these days. I've spent a lot of time and effort to teach them the same respect and love for the outdoors that I developed years ago. I also have an entire tribe of grandsons, from first grade down to 2. My hands are gonna be full for years to come. I'm a welder by trade. That ability and desire to build has made me a avid DIY'er. Duck decoys, tree stands, and even duck boats...if I use it, I'm gonna try to build it. Chances are, if you are here, we have a lot of common interests. I look forward to sharing mine with you!
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