Unlimited Fishing in Minnesota

Ice fishing in MinnesotaFish on

The Minnesota department of natural resources is allowing “unlimited” fishing in Minnesota Pelican lake near Albertvill. This is just one of 11 lakes that the DNR officials have released from the rules.

“The combination of the snow, the thick ice and the plants decomposing under water, is just chewing up the oxygen,” explained Joe Stewig, Minn. Dept. of Natural Resources.

DNR estimates that a lot more fish are going to die if they are not caught, so fish them wail they are hot! Pelican lake will be returned to a natural duck hunting habitat once the weather is better. Officials will purposefully drop the water level as part of a three year plan to allow native plants to grow back, and entice the ducks to return to eat some tasty fish. So if you are in the area of Albertvill then its Fish on till the closure March 9th.

So if you plan on Fishing in Minnesota head on down to the Pelican Lake and let us know what you caught!

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