TrackingPoint Scope System Hacked? Really?

trackingpoint scope systemTrackingPoint Scope System Hacked? One of the worlds most advanced rifle scope system has been hacked! Being the first of its kind civilian fire control system on the market,working by having a computer guide the release of ordnance. The TrackingPoint computer eliminates human error caused by misaiming, mistiming, and central nervous system jitters.

The optic and trigger Of the scope collaborate to precisely release your shot within 0.5 inches of your designated aim point at 0.57 miles. This allows even the most novice of shooters to precisely hit their target with little to no skill. Using the same target-tracking technology found in drones and fighter jets, the scope knows what you want to shoot and the desired point of impact once you take your target.

TrackingPoint Scope System Hacked Wifi

Trackingpoint scope system illustrationSecurity researchers Ran Sandvik and Michael Auger spent over a year reverse engineering the TrackingPoint Scope System. By accusing the systems wifi connection, which is included for the steaming of video the team was able to change variables within the targeting system.

By changing the bullets weight in the software the team of hackers were able to accurately control the shot placement, causing the rifle to miss my either an inch or a foot depending on the weight imputed.  Effectively Ran Sandvik and Michael Auger can change the flight path of the bullet to hit a different target.

“You can set it to whatever crazy value you want and it will happily accept it,” Sandvik told Wired.

With the ability to permanently disable the scope, or cause the rifle to malfunction at anytime to place with a wireless link with a smart phone, the only thing the duo could not do was cause the TrackingPoint scope system to fire independently of the shooter.

TrackingPoint Scope System Founder

Tracking Point Founder John McHale told Wired “The shooter’s got to pull the rifle’s trigger, and the shooter is responsible for making sure it’s pointed in a safe direction. It’s my responsibility to make sure my scope is pointed where my gun is pointing,”. Saying: “The fundamentals of shooting don’t change even if the gun is hacked.”

Although the functionality and mechanics of TrackingPoint Scope system does not change based on being hacked, it sure has change my mind about buying into a system that can never miss! Does TrackingPoint Being Hacked bother you? 

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