Top 5 Bow Hunting Tips

There is no bow hunting or an archer-er who is absolutely perfect. But if you want your skills to be next to perfection, you will have to go through a series of steps in a process which always seem to be a bit complicated.This might be because much details are sometimes needed to juggle when having a shot. It is also evident that even an archer with a good shooting form and a good coach will still have to deal with some mental aspects when it comes to bow shooting.Take a best compound bow for beginners, try using these tips below and see yourself become a gradual archer.

1. Practice

 We all know that this should be the very first step right? There are many accuracy drills that anyone looking to become better bow hunting should be doing.This will help in increasing your shooting form. However, it is advised not to practice the same shots repeatedly. It will be like wasting time shooting from the same distance with the same shot angles.The practice should also be real as possible. This will help you to cope well while on the field. You shouldn’t just be practicing but make sure the practice also depicts what usually happens when hunting for real.

2. Shooting Your Broad heads

This is also an important point to note. Many bow hunters or archers usually make a mistake: not taking their time to take a few shots with their favorite broad heads before going to the field.Sometimes even those mechanical heads that are designed to fly in the same ways filed points might occasionally land off the mark.A good and only way in which a person can know or have a good idea of the point where your mechanical or fixed blade head is going to land is through shooting a few times just before taking on the field.


3. Bow Hunting Set

Would you want to be a good bow hunter? If yes, then do like the pros do. Many bow hunters usually prepare their hunting sites preferably a month before the opening of the hunting season.This is always a good thing to do. It is important to make a hunting site that will give you comfort when operating your weapon on the field. Make sure to set it close to where your targeted animal will be.You don’t want to set at a long range where you will even experience many difficulties when trying to aim. If the stand provides the comfort needed, the hunter can be able to stay in the same position for a long time without moving. A bow holder will also be of help to make sure your bow is always ready and loaded.

4. Concealment and Cover Scent

Ever wondered why your friends always come home from bow hunting with a kill every time you go out hunting while you have nothing to show for it? This is probably because this point is always overlooked.It is an important thing to do when going on a hunt. Using a scent control spray or just any natural substance to cover up your scent will always help. Before you step into the hideout, make sure to use something like a cider branch to fool the animal.However, using a cover scent will not be enough. Putting on clothes that will blend in with the environment you are in is also an important thing to do. In other words, the hunter needs to camouflage.Make sure the clothes have the right material for the temperatures in the hunting area. Also, ensure your body is covered in full, hands and face included when bow hunting.


5. Patience

Most of the time you’ve heard people talk about patience being a virtue right? When it comes to hunting it is a big factor.There are a lot of things a beginner will need to learn before he or she becomes a good bow hunter. It is vital to know the hunting rules and regulations of the area among other things. Also, it is a good practice to be making a clean kill. This is ethical.Take your time before taking the shot. Many hunters have been known to get anxious whenever a deer come to a shooting range. Just be patient and everything else will work out.


Bow Hunting

Well, these are just a few tips one can use to become a better bow hunter. There are a lot of things to be done before becoming good with bows, the above tips are just some basics. Simple as they might seem to be, these might be the only things that stand between you and your kill. Be fully prepared and make sure to have the correct equipment for bow hunting.

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