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Top 5 reasons why the Grinch would be a terrible Bowhunter.

Stinky, Grumpy, Sloppy, and Mean Hearted all pretty accurately describe our favorite Green Who-ville Hum-bugger. These are all somewhat contrary to the stand out traits of what makes a bowhunter successful. If you are up for a few laughs and some bowhunting insight, check out the full blog at

1. He stinks. Bowhunters must be actively aware of their body odor. Hence many products on the market including carbon activated scent control clothing, body wash, and cover scents. A deer’s nose has 60 times more scent receptors than a human’s. As for the Grinch, he could use some personal hygiene lessons, scent blocker soap, and could lay off the onion eating.

2. His name means Grumpy: A Bowhunter is the ultimate optimist, there is just no other way. The time required to research, scout, practice, prepare, and sacrifice time away
from loved ones comes at a price….grump_large

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