Tips for Tracking Those Spring Turkeys

spring turkeys struttingEvery expert Turkey hunter knows that the best time to find the spring turkeys is when you are scouting. Scouting is not only key in Turkey hunting but is key for hunting any animal. Scouting ahead of time will give you the advantage over every other turkey hunter in the woods opening day. Make sure when you go scouting you bring along a trusty pen and paper or mark the spots on your GPS. 

So what are we looking for when it comes to tracking spring turkeys?  

Droppings are a great sign that turkeys are in your area and how often bird or flock is visiting. You should be looking for droppings that are moist. If the droppings are dried out or have a church to them then the bird has not been there in a couple of days. 

Feathers are another great indicator that the spring turkeys are close by! If you find a substantial amount of feathers in an area you can gauge the size of the flock! 

Be on the look out for damp spots in the ground and check those areas for tracks! A nice size gobbler will have tracks about the size of a 3 1/2 inch shotgun shell!  

Dust bowls are about the size of a basketball and have dirt scat and feathers dispersed over the area. Dusting all though no evidence exists is believed to be the means by which birds rid themselves of bird lice and parasites. 

Don’t forget to check creek beds and river banks for tracks, scat, and feathers. As we have previously pointed out Spring turkeys often move towards water after coming out of their roost! 

spring Turkeys Roosting treesSpring Turkey Roosting trees

Now that we know turkeys are in the area its time to find they’re roosting area its time to look for that big ole turkey tree! When searching for roosting trees you are looking for tall, mature trees that have plenty of limbs that extend horizontally from the trunk. There will be no doubt when you find one cause there should be turkey dropping near the base of the tree. 

Although there is a common mis conception that turkeys will not roost in pines, this is just not true. Pines provide the Turkeys with shelter, food and are normally around water making them the ideal turkey roost. 

Another great way is to listen for evening turkey calls and scout in that direction in the morning. This gives you a point of reference to start your search and destroy mission. 

Now that you have located the turkeys the only thing left to do if to find a place to set up shop. You always want to find a tree the same width as you so as to protect your back from other hunters. You Hunting spot should provide you a little bit of natural cover and be close enough that you can call the ol’Tom right too you. 

Good luck this season and always remember to be safe in the woods. For more Hunting safety tips please visit here. 

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