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Tie BossAs hunters and fisherman, we are constantly tying down or hoisting ATV’s, coolers, kayaks, and other gear. Just visit any supply store and you will find anything and everything to use to do the job from ratcheting straps, cam buckles, bungees, and other new systems hitting the market. If you want one product that stand out because of its versatility and meets a majority of your needs, look to the TIE BOSS! In my opinion, this product is one of, if not the best for versatility that is on the market today.

Tie Boss Explained

The Tie Boss is so much more that your standard tie down, it is a multi-functional self ratcheting tool that assists your everyday tasks. I came across the tie boss, and I was instantly hooked (pun intended). I have always struggled with long roped ratchet tie downs where they bind up, freeze up, and constantly get tangled amongst each other. The Tie Boss eliminated all of that with its simple and effective design. The Tie Boss uses a jam cleat mechanics system similar to that of a venation blind or sail boat cleat.

Simple Jam Cleat Design

Simple Jam Cleat Design

The simple wedged design has no moving parts and manages tension without slip. The system can be used for tying down or hosting up and can be used with or without the pulley system to give you a mechanical advantage.

Product Details

Products can be ordered from the www.tieboss.com website or it is also available on amazon HERE. The 3/8 inch standard model has a maximum load rating of 275 lbs and sells for $19.99. I did see the products go on sale earlier this year at Costco online, so if you are a thrifty shopper like me, shop for the deal. Also, a smaller version is available with ¼ inch rope which has a maximum load rating of 150 lbs. This version was created for securing/hoisting smaller items such as backpacks, bird feeders, and lumber transport etc. Granted, some people may have a hard time justifying $19.99 for a tie down. However, after using the product myself for 5 months and seeing IMG_1820-2how many other items it replaces in my garage, I think it is definitely worth the money for the ease of use. It is only available in blue right now, but I would like to see a some other color options. One other thing that I noticed is that if the rope is led over a sharp edge such as a metal trailer beam, it will chafe.
One recommendation to avoid this is use a piece of cardboard or cloth to minimize abrasion if you must lead it over a sharp edge.

The 3/8 inch Tie Boss comes with a 10 foot length of polypropylene rope. I found this length to be adequate for the jobs I was performing except hoisting the tree stands where I used the 35 foot rope that comes with the optional block and tackle system found HERE. Hoisting/lowering a tree-stand is one of my favorite applications of the system because I have never felt safe bringing a tree stand up or down with one hand while the other is being used to descend the tree (#notsafe). Once in the tree with my treesteps, I simply attached the tie boss mechanism to a top climbing step or tree branch. Make sure your anchor point in the tree for the pulley is safe and secured and the stand can then be lifted up or lowered down safely.0

Snow Mobile 2


Jam Cleat Close up

I have personally tested the Tie boss on the following.

-Hoisting/lowering tree stands

-Hoisting a back pack up off the ground

-Tying down a motorcycle, ATV, Snowmobile, Lawn tractor

-Fastening furniture in the bed of a truck

-Tension/Hoisting long strands of utility lights

– Securing a tarp

IMG_2374What I liked about the product was how easy it was to secure. I could pull it tight to secure it with one hand and could even do so with winter gloves with no loss of effectiveness. Also, releasing the Tie Boss is quite simple as well. Compared to similar products on the market, there are no hard to reach releasing mechanisms on this one. To release the tension, all you do is change the angle of the rope to about a 45 degree angle. This is nice, because if the system is in a tree or Unknown overhead holding a kayak, you don’t have to use a ladder to release, simply pull the rope.

Some of the criticism that I found from online reviews included one person having difficulty releasing the rope, however I found it quite simple just changing the angle and had no difficulty.  However with no load on the hook, the rope does not flow freely, but I had absolutely no problem using the system and it worked completely the way it should.

This product is not designed to hold human weight. For example, it shouldn’t be used to secure a tree-stand around a tree. It is also vital to have a good anchor point for tying down that can withstand the weight that you are securing to it. I accidentally ripped of some rusty metal hooks on my friends pickup bed, Whoops.

One big advantage for sportsman is its ability to double as a big game hoist for butchering or Tie Boss Deer Hoisthanging big game with the addition of 2 pulleys at $10.99 each or the Tie boss block and tackle kit. You can then create a 3 to 1 mechanical advantage that makes lifting a 200 lb deer feel like lifting 67 lbs. I very much look forward to trying out this function out as soon as possible in September. I love having this product around my garage now and keep 2 in my truck, because I literally am trying to create ways on how I can use it and impress my friends on this great product.


So easy my 3 year old can do it!




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