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The “Ultimate Deer Hanger”


Gail winner pink ultimate deer hanger


As an active member of Twitter, following the outdoorsman, hunting and fishing I had followed @UltimateDeerHanger. Of course I became very interested in the product when one was being offered as a contest prize during a session of #Huntchat and the one being offered was in Pink Camo!! I began the contest in hopes to win as I also checked out the web site to find out all I could on the product.

The site mentioned that it was light weight yet strong enough to hold a bear! It also mentioned that only one person was needed because your harvest would not slide off and onto the ground even with one side missing. As I read I became even more excited about the product.

The contest ended and I WON!  

I received the Ultimate Huntress Hanger Combo very nicely packaged with all the needed accessories and out

MHAF Pro Staff Gails doe and ultimate deer hangerof the box it was an awesome win for me! The Pink Camo was attractively done, the hanger was very light weight and folded up small enough for my back pack or back pocket! My first harvest was a doe and I was excited to try the hanger and of course do it on my own as described.

It turned out to be a breeze for me. I no longer needed to have my husbands help. In fact my husband was so pleased with it that he now uses it gails husbands ultimate deer Hanger Buck

and doesn't mind that it is a Pink Camo Huntress Hanger.The old barbed hanger seemed to have disappeared. I take the Ultimate Deer Hanger in my back pack each time I head out.The Ultimate Deer Hanger weighs 1.7 lbs, very lightweight, folds up and easy to carry. Hang any size deer, made of high grade aluminum. 



The adjustable spread bar keeps deer from falling even with one whole side of the deer is removed. Please take a moment to check out or easily go to the Partners page on this site: The Ultimate deer hanger is very reasonably priced and should last you the entire time of your hunting career.It makes the skinning and quartering of your harvest a breeze. You'll be saying, "I wish I would have had this years ago!"


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Born and raised in Eastern Pennsylvania I spent time in the outdoors every chance I got as a child. I would rush home, do homework, go out until supper and then go back out after supper. My grandma would take me fishing in the creek as a child. We would catch minnows in a sack and release them. My dad wasn’t a hunter, but in hunting seasons we would go to my uncle’s hunting camp to see what their harvest was and I found that fascinating. I drifted away from the tomboy years and got married, raised two great children into adults, and established a career in Managing Food Safety. In my second marriage, my husband and best friend, introduced me to fishing and hunting. He’s an outdoorsman and we do everything together. I found that I enjoyed the things he did and I learned to gun hunt, dirt bike, inshore and off shore fish, and ride street bikes. My passion has become archery and everything it involves; the woods, the wait, the strategy, the harvest. Even though, I’ll admit, I am afraid of the dark woods and spiders, my passion is so strong that I am out there every season. I not only enjoy the hunt for myself but I love to talk with others about hunting and hope they can experience the outdoors and the thrills that can be achieved from wild game management.
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