The Great Elk Hunting of Teton National Park is underway

elk Hunting management program teton national parkTeton National park spans over 130,000 hectares of land and offers many outdoor recreational activates such as mountaineering, camping, hiking, boating and fishing and Elk Hunting. But one of the most exciting activities has just got underway! With Congressional approval from now until Nov 2nd 650 lucky Wyoming-Licensed hunters will have a chance to bag some of the finest elks in Wyoming.

Grand Teton Park

Although the 130,000 hectares of land are open to the public, the 650 Elk hunters will be restricted to two areas of the mark. The areas east of the Snake River and Jackson Lake will be open to the hunters of Grand Teton Park. hunters are advised to closely review Wyoming Fish and Game Department regulations and educational material from park service. The spokesperson of the park was quoted as saying, "When the weather is like this and the elk are not moving it is usually a slow start. They are not likely to be in some of the areas where the hunt is open."

oxbow_grand_teton_national_park_wyoming_ Elk HuntingAn Elk Hunting Dream

Although this is a Hunters dream to roam Teton National Park it is not without its restrictions. Archery, hand guns and other non-centre-fire ammunition rifles have been banned along with lead based rounds. Hunters are also limited to seven rounds a day and can only fire one time at a running herd of elk.  Coming in defense of the annual hunting program, the park officials said in a statement that, "The need for this reduction program stems partly from an intensive management framework that includes annual winter feeding programs on the National Elk Refuge and in the upper Gros Ventre drainage. Feeding sustains high number of elk with unnaturally low mortality rates. A majority of elk that are fed during the winters on the refuge also summer in Grand Teton National Park or use migration routes across park lands." To read more on the regulations and about the elk hunt visit the facts page here: Elk Brochure  

I wish the 650 perticipants and everyone Elk Hunting in the Teton National Park the best of luck this season, may they fill their tags and come home safe with a story to tell!

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