The cold ice is heating up at the Midwest Open Ice Fishing

midwest open ice fishingWarmer temperatures have brought record turnout to this years Midwest Open Ice Fishing at Lake Wamplers. Just before the opener at 8am on Jan 31 Ice Fisherman from all over were setting up there shanties and waiting for the announcement bell to announce time to drop a line.

“A great time, that’s what it’s about,” said fisherman Paul Whitehead. “Ice fishing is one of my favorite hobbies.”
Ice fishing normally a solitary sport was full of action on the lake. With the warmer temperatures throughout the day fisherman were shifting and moving across the lake chasing down the fish to change there luck. On a much colder day we would have seen a lot less movement.

Warm Weather More Fish

midwest open ice fishingThe weather was mild and warm compared to previous years of the Midwest Open Ice Fishing Tournament. Tom Knutson, tournament director, said this made for better conditions across the board.

Even with a last minute move of venue from Devil’s Lake to Lake Wamplers only 5 buckers from the originally 150 entered were not turned in at the end for weigh-in. Of course not everyone that enters must turn in a bucket for weigh-in if they didn’t catch anything, but it seems as if the fishing was good this year!

Midwest Open Ice Fishing Winners

For the first year in history, a team from Michigan did not take first place in the tournament. Erick Hodgins, of Belle River, Ontario and Rusty Heron, of Laselle, Ontario, won $20,300 with a total fish weight of 8.36 pounds.

Second place went to Michael Lennox of Osseo Mich., and Ed Wade of Tecumseh, who earned $3,500 with a total weight of 7.92 pounds.

Third place went to Barry Williams of Brooklyn and Al Seagraves of Tipton, who won $2,000 for their weight of 7.54 pounds

So if you are looking to spice up your Ice Fishing life next year check out the Midwest Open Ice Fishing Website to register for 2017.

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