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Terrific Day for Turkeys

The alarm clock went off at five o'clock this morning and I jumped out of bed to get ready. Turkey Hunting GroundTotal Turkey Turmoil struck again this morning! This was our fourth week of scouting turkeys on Sunday mornings. We planned on taking the hunting blind out and setting it up to see if we could catch a glimpse of one of the toms we have been hearing.

The sun was already rising when we arrived at our hunting ground and the turkeys were already off of the roost. I should have checked the time for sunrise! 

We decided not to go into the woods with the blind because we did not want to scare the turkeys away from the area. I told Ed to drive up the mountain road, stop above our hunting ground, and we could listen to see what, if anything, was going on. I jumped out of the truck and a tom let out a gobble as soon as I shut the door. 

One tom was gobbling to our right and it sounded as if two toms were gobbling to our left. I started sneaking down the road towards our left with hopes of catching a glimpse of the turkeys. The gobbling continued and the turkeys were moving faster than me. Ed started the truck and drove down, I told him that I was going to continue to walk down to the turn, which was about a half mile away, and he agreed to wait there for me. I heard the truck stopping quickly on the dirt road.  Ed was backing up to come get me. 

The only thought that ran through my mind was, "Oh my!  I wonder if he saw a bear?!?"  I opened the truck door and asked him, "Did you see a bear?"  Ed answered, "NO!!!  Get in!  There are turkeys on the road at the turn!" I jumped in and we quickly drove to the turn. The tom and hen that Ed saw on the road were working their way down into the woods. I could see that the tom was fanned out but I could not get a good picture of him because of the distance and the brush.  I was busy watching the pair and Ed spotted a different gobbler on the other side of the road.

WOW!  TWO GOBBLERS!  I was so excited!  Ed turned the truck around and drove back up the mountain so that we could watch the gobbler from a distance.  I managed to capture the big tom on a short, shaky video.

Scouting Turkeys

We watched the turkey until he crossed the road below us and he traveled out of sight.  He was big and beautiful! I hope I get to see him again on May 3rd! We have four more weeks of waiting until Pennsylvania's spring gobbler season opens. We did our best not to disturb the turkey so that he would remain in the area. We did not attempt to call the turkey towards us, instead we just watched him strut through the woods.

It was about eight o'clock in the morning and we decided to go eat breakfast at Yetter's, a local restaurant in McVeytown, Pennsylvania. Ed ordered eggs, sausage, and home fries and I decided on a small order of Rubbish. Rubbish is eggs, ham, bread, and home fries mixed and fried together. It may sound like a pile of garbage but it is actually very tasty! While eating breakfast we decided to go to my brother's house to set up the blind so that I could practice shooting out of it.

Inside the BlindAmeristep Brickhouse Ground BlindThe Ameristep Brickhouse Ground Blind was easy to set up and a pair of Primos Hunting Double Bull Qs3 Magnum Ground Swat Camo chairs set inside nicely. My nephew, Drew, sat inside and photographed me as I shot out the blind window at the target. I felt comfortable in the blind and the chair was the perfect height for shooting. The Primos chairs are very comfortable for being a three-legged chair.

Drew and I took turns shooting while sitting on the chairs inside of the blind. We both hit our targets while shooting from this position. Practicing shooting out of your ground blind is an important step to having a successful hunt. Matthew, my youngest Drew in the Blindnephew, and his friend, Robert heard the shots and came outside to Amy in the Blindinvestigate. 

We took turns shooting the Remington Versa Max 12 gauge shot gun that I purchased last weekend at Grice Gun Shop in Clearfield, Pennsylvania. We shot at a box target and also at clay pigeons. I loved shooting my new gun! Everybody liked how the Versa Max felt while shooting.

Drew liked it so much that he said he was going to start saving money to buy one for himself! Drew is taller than I am so he would probably like a 26" or 28" barrel better than the 22" barrel that I chose. We all hit our targets fairly well. We took turns shooting for almost an hour, allowing the barrel to cool down a little before the next shooter aimed for the targets. It was a beautiful sunny day and there was no wind blowing. The weather was much better than last Sunday! Last Sunday I shot my new gun for the first time while it was dreary, cold and blowing snow!

Amy shootingI was not entirely pleased with the pattern that I was shooting. I might go shopping for a different choke and try shooting again before the spring gobbler season begins. I used the extra full choke that came with the gun and I shot Remington Nitro Turkey 3" 4 shot shells at thirty yards and the results are on the target pictured. If you have any suggestions please comment on this post or find me, @AmySward, on Twitter.

Next weekend we will not be chasing the turkeys. Trout season opens on Saturday and we will be camping with hopes of catching some nice trout to fry up for our supper!

Remember, you are never too old to learn something new! Stay tuned for stories about trout fishing in the near future!

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