The Tactacam Bow Stablizer Camera

You know what they say.

“You can’t win it if you’re not in it.”

Jewel with Tactacam Stabilizer CameraI couldn’t believe that I actually won something, let alone a Tactacam stabilizer camera for my Mathews Jewel.(I’ve entered plenty of contests before, but I rarely win anything.) I won it on a Facebook contest from Muley Freak and Tactacam in a joint giveaway.

Most everyone was very supportive when I won, and congratulated me. There were few sore souls, but that seems to be normal. Besides, I don’t sweat the haters. Part of the qualification process for winning was to thank the sponsors on their respective social media pages. I was happy to do so, and I felt that it was a very appropriate request. After all they were just GIVING away this prize valued at $279. Who wouldn’t be thankful?

The Perfect Combination

There are many colors to chose from. I chose the Black Camera to match my shotgun barrel and the Lost Camo perfectly matches my Jewel.


The Prize Package

It two short days my camera arrived. I couldn’t wait to to play with it!. I opened the package and was I pleasantly surprised by the accessories that came with it. The accessories include everything you need to mount the camera on your bow, shotgun, helmet or bicycle. It does not come with a memory card, but I had a spare one laying around here. The instructions identify all the camera parts and how to mount the camera on a bow.

Tactacam Camera in Lost CamoWhy I think Tactacam is Awesome?

It’s truly user friendly. It doesn’t get much easier. You simply choose your settings, secure the camera into the stabilizer housing and press the button. No, I’m not kidding you! No on screen selections, no bulky camera box, no fussing around. This camera becomes a functional part of your bow. Which also means NO ADDITIONAL WEIGHT is added to your bow and minimal weight to whatever else you use it with. I didn’t notice any difference when mounted on my shotgun.

As for the camera itself? Well, let me just say that it is AWESOME! If you’re as much of a hunter or huntress and an electronics junkie like myself, then you will love this camera too! Just check out the specs below, they speak for themselves.

Tactacam HD video camera specifications:

•12mp sensor records in True Full HD 1080p-30fps and 720-60fps
•1 touch Power on Auto Record with Vibration indication
•Ultra Sharp Lens optimized for Bow, Crossbow and Gun (No Fisheye)
•Low-Light recording like no other camera of its kind
•Audio and waterproof Caps (Waterproof tested up to 30 feet)
•Stabilizer, Scope, Gun, Universal and other Strap Mounts included
•Shock Resistant; 50cal tested and approved
•Rechargeable Lithium Battery Provides over 2 hours of record time (Extra batteries available)
•Charging USB 2.0 and 110-120 volt AC outlet
•USB 2.0 connection to Mac and PC
•Video Aspect Ratio: 16:9 Format H.264 for Facebook and YouTube
•Storage: Micro SD card up to 32GB (not included)
•No Questions Asked 6 months Warranty

Just check out their website;

Tactical BlackHow is the video?

It’s fantastic! Plug the USB cable into the camera and your computer. The video quaity is excellent and the audio is great. Though my video wasn’t nearly as cool as Tactacam’s promo video (which is why I chose to use it) the video quality is the same, and I assure you I will post some videos when I get actual hunting footage.

My Disclaimer

I won this camera in a contest. I have not been paid or reimbursed in any way to provide a positive product review. I am simply that happy with this camera.

Would I recommend the Tactacam Stabilizer Camera?

Um, absolutely! I love it, and I can’t wait use it this fall when I go hunting.

How does it rate on my Antler Scale?

I would happily give Tactacam 9 out 10 Antler points! I only subtracted one point for the lack of instructions on mounting the camera onto anything other than a bow. More detailed instructions on the different mounting possibilties would be nice. This was the only thing that I thought that could use improvement. I wanted to mention that they recently added a new rail mount for the Tactacam camera on their website.

Tactacam, it truly has been created by hunters for hunters. Thank you for the camera and the opportunity to review it.

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Jeannett Eiden

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My name is Jeannett Eiden, I was raised an Air Force brat and have had the privilege of living in many different places growing up, from Incirlik, Turkey, to Houston Texas, to North Pole, Alaska which is where my love for the outdoors began. While in Alaska I would go hiking just to enjoy the peace and tranquility of the Alaskan wilderness and to watch the wildlife in their natural habitat. We eventually moved from Alaska to Washington State, and I continued to spend as much time as I could in the outdoors camping, hiking, and fishing. In 1999 I met my husband, Chris, who is a very avid hunter and wildlife biologist. He introduced me to hunting, and has taught me a great deal about it From how to lay out a decoy spread when waterfowl hunting, to training and working a dog for pheasant hunting, to the types of things to look for when scouting an area for deer hunting. I have harvested many different species of North American game and I’m always looking forward to the next one. I have hunted both modern and black powder firearm and am currently bowhunting. We moved from Washington State to Oklahoma in late 2012. And I know I am very much enjoying learning about the new habitat and wildlife available here for hunting. This year I got my first Wild Turkey! I am also amazed how hunter friendly it is here in Oklahoma, and enjoying every bit of it.
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