Stedi-Stock: Versatile Support for Your Optics and More


Did you ever wish you could point your camera, binoculars, spotting scope or other optics like you point your rifle? Somehow keep it at the ready, easily brought to eye, and stable?  The Stedi-Stock Optical Device Stabilizing Shoulder Brace may be just what you are looking for.

What is a Stedi-Stock?

The Stedi-Stock, and Stedi-Stock II are stability aides designed to attach to any camera or optical device that can be mounted to a tripod via a 1/4-20 thread.  Two models are available.  Both models of Stedi-Stock are constructed of lightweight, reinforced polypropylene. They are 14″ long and weigh about 1 pound, small enough to fit into most any pack.  Both come with a simple shoulder strap, and molded in lugs to attach it. Each includes a hollow fore grip to aid stability, and a quick release adapter that we will touch on in for it’s own sake.  Both are available in packages that include accessories to enhance their usefulness. Both can be purchased in black or dyed in a “Camo” pattern.  The Origional Stedi-Stock is slim, and provides 3 spots to attach your devices, depending on the eye relief you need and the comfort you desire.  The fore grip holds the attachment stud, and threads thru the handle and into your device. It’s idea for cameras with rear mounted heads up displays. Stedi-Stock II incorporates the attachment stud into a slide. If you have devices like a spotting scope, that requires more precise eye relief, this is the model for you. 


There are a number of accessories available to make your Stedi-Stock more versatile.  Window mounts, clamp bases, and swivels allow you to use your truck window, deck railing, or convenient tree limbs to further stabilize your view.  The best of these accessories, which comes in each basic package, is the Quick Release stud.  The Quick Release stud has female threads in the base and is tapered to fit into the hollow fore grip.  It can be attached to the top of any monopod or bipod with 1/4-20 attachment threads, or traditional tripod.  Slip the handle over the top for instant support.

How I Use the Stedi-Stock

I used the Stedi-Stock on my video camera to shoot footage for a future post.  Having my camera mounted helped in several ways.  It let us be mobile, to find the best shot angle for the scene.  You can do that with a tripod mounted camera, but not as easily as just walking around the action and looking thru the view finder.  It held the camera steadier than I can hold it by hand.  And finally, it kept fingers out of the picture.  It won’t render your tripod completely unnecessary, but using the Stedi-Stock did improve the quality and increase the usable footage available during editing. 

The Stedi-Stock II was a perfect companion for my spotting scope.  I was especially eager to try this combo due to an upcoming hunting trip out west.  It performed very well, with some limitations.  With the scope set to 20X, the Stedi-Stock II was more than stable enough for most use.  Scanning and spotting was as simple as shouldering a scoped rifle.  As magnification was dialed up, it became less suitable. Using the Quick Release mounted to a monopod gains enough stability in the mid- magnifications to be usable, but at 60X the field of view became too small and the image too wobbly to be effective.

A Few Final Thoughts

A Stedi-Stock will not completely replace the tripod in your outdoor tool kit.  However, it will lessen your reliance on one.  When scouting or bird watching, you will find yourself more apt to take better optics along.  You will be able to take action video that is clearer and less shakey.  Hunters will be able to find uses for Stedi-Stock, but for long range viewing at high magnification, or for critical trophy evaluation, a tripod will still be a better option.  All in all, I was impressed at the uses I found for Stedi-Stock.  It performed as I expected every time I used it.  Given it’s small size and utility, I have reserved a spot in my hunting pack for the Stedi-Stock.

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