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Sounds a Turkey Makes big tom Turkey in full strutKnowing the sounds a turkey makes and practicing duplicating them with your call can be the only thing standing between you and hunting success! From amateurs to master turkey callers there is one thing in common; Practice, Practice is needed to maintain the skill of turkey calling. Practice duplicating calls that you have heard or listen to recordings and play along is one of the best ways to learn and freshen up these skills. 

Sounds a Turkey Makes


One of the most basic calls a turkey makes is the Yelp. The yelp of a turkey is a basic turkey sound and is often delivered in a series of single note vocalizations. If you can’t yelp on your call then you might as well stay out of the woods! Listen Here


The cluck turkey call is a short staccato note, most clucks are followed up with 2-3 more clucks from the turkey. Clucks are used by one turkey to get another turkeys attention. The cluck turkey call is a good call to reassure an approaching gobbler that a hen is waiting. Listen Here


The Purr Turkey call is soft and rolling that a turkey makes when happy. This purr is made by turkeys softly and is designed to keep a turkey in touch with other birds when feeding OzarkCustomCalls Turkey Callor other activities. Sounds a Turkey Makes the purr is a good call to reassure the big tom that everything is alright when he is getting close. Listen here
With the Yelp, Cluck, Purr or a combination you can call in almost any bird. Practice these basic calls and then imitate the birds and learn the rest as you progress in the field. Becoming a master caller does not happen overnight so make sure to break out your calls all year round, not just during turkey season. I’d like to thank the National Wild Turkey Federation for the Sounds a Turkey Makes audio clips.

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