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What a Saturday!

I've been waiting for two weeks for Grice Gun Shop to have their 30th Anniversary sale, and finally Saturday arrived!  Ed and I woke up early yesterday morning and made our way to Clearfield, Pennsylvania.  We arrived at 8:30AM and the parking lot was filling up quickly.  The gun counters were lined with salesmen, ready and eager to help customers find their weapon of choice.  I quickly made my way to the nearest salesman and asked him where the Remington Versa Max shotguns were located.  He smiled and answered, "Right this way!"  He handed me one with a twenty-six inch barrel done in Realtree AP Camo.  It was okay but it seemed a little long for me so I asked to see a twenty-two inch barrel done in Mossy Oak Obsession Camo.  He waited patiently while I went back and forth, holding one and then the other.  I really like the shorter barrel and decided to make my purchase.  We filled out the paperwork and then he presented me with a coupon worth forty dollars worth of Remington products.  SWEET!  I picked out a modified choke and three boxes of shells.  I also received a gift bag filled with two hunting DVDs, two pairs of socks, a pair of 10×25 compact binoculars, a set of three turkey diaphragm calls, and a hat!  SWEET!  I don't know about you, but I love getting free stuff!  We took my new shotgun and goodies out to the truck and then went back in to look around the rest of the store.  Grice Gun Shop advertises to be Pennsylvania's largest gun shop and I believe their claim to the title.  They had guns everywhere!  Shotguns, rifles, pistols, muzzleloaders, youth guns, bb guns, new guns, and used guns can be found throughout the store.  Ammunition was plentiful and available in all calibers and brands.  Do you like to reload?  They had a whole section of reloading equipiment and components.  We also saw scopes, range finders, gun safes, gun cases, holsters, slings, and many other accessories while we browsed the store.  Purchasing my shotgun at Grice Gun Shop was a very positive experience for me and I would definitely return to their store the next time I purchase a gun.

  007     008Left:  The entrance to Grice Gun Shop located in
     Clearfield, Pennsylvania.




       Below:  Posing with my Remington Vera Max 12 gauge shot gun.






It was still early in the day when we left Grice Gun Shop so I asked Ed if he would like to find another store that I heard about on the radio called Bob's Army & Navy.  He said okay so I programmed the GPS to take us there.  Bob's Army & Navy Store was advertising a Cabin Fever Sale so I was anxious to check out their deals.  Located in downtown Clearfield, this store charmed me with it's wooden floors.  It reminded me of shopping downtown at home with my grandmother when I was a little girl.  I loved hearing the floors creak as customers moved through the aisles.  Bob's carried a huge variety of items!  Fishing gear, hunting gear, guns, pistols, crossbows, compound bows, archery supplies, camping gear, military surplus, tree stands… I could go on and on!  They had a little bit of everything that had anything to do with the outdoors!  Vendors were set up throughout the store demonstrating their products.  Ed purchased another turkey call.  I was excited when I found a section featuring Gamehide's Elimitick clothing.  I had researched the Gamehide Elimitick brand of clothing online but hesitated ordering before I could actually see the product.  Now I could see it in person and try it on before purchasing!  SWEET!  I chose a zip up hoodie, a pair of gloves, and a pair of cover up pants.  Deciding to visit Bob's Army & Navy while in Clearfield was a wise choice!

0329141102   051Left:  Entrance to Bob's Army & Navy located in         Clearfield, Pennsylvania.




   Below: Gamehide Elimitick hunting gear purchased at Bob's Army & Navy.





We had one more stop to make.  Denny's Beer Barrel Pub!  Our last stop was a restaurant made famous for their hamburger challenges.  Denny's has been featured on The Food Network, Travel Channel, and a few other television shows.  They have hamburger eating challenges including the Pub Challenger, which is a two pound hamburger that must be totally consumed by one person in one hour.  We were hungry, but not THAT hungry!  The parking lot was full when we pulled in and the wait time for a table was forty minutes.  I asked the hostess if there were any seats available at the bar and she said, "Well, there is a log at the end of the bar available."  Hmmm… a log at the end of the bar.  I asked her if we could walk in and look at the available seats and she gave her approval.  The log looked inviting so we decided to be seated.  We sat on tall stools at a small bar made from a log, but we had plenty of room and a good view of the televisions available.  The interior was decorated in sports paraphernalia and lists of the names of burger challenge champions.  Ed ordered a half pound bacon cheeseburger and I ordered a pulled pork sandwich.  Our waitress delivered our food with a smile and it was piping hot and delicious!  Denny's was a perfect ending to our day in Clearfield.

014      0329141216aLeft:  Entrance to Denny's Beer Barrel Pub located      in Clearfield, Pennsylvania.




      Below:  A half pound bacon cheeseburger and french fries served at Denny's.





So there you have it, that is how we spent our Saturday.  Taming my Total Turkey Turmoil with the purchase of my very first shotgun that is all mine!  No more borrowing a shotgun for this girl!  If you are ever in Clearfield, Pennsylvania be sure to check out Grice Gun Shop, Bob's Army & Navy, and Denny's Beer Barrel Pub.  We enjoyed the time that we spent at all three locations. 

Remember, you are never too old to learn something new!  Stay tuned for more Total Turkey Turmoil stories in the near future…

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