RRR Gun Rest Stability For That Perfect Shot

RRR Gun Rest on tree

Every year we spend thousands of dolars on prefecting our shooting and shot placement. Upgrading optics, range finders, cases, bypods, bullets down range but where does that get us when we are in the field? Not every shot in the field is the same, not all locations will allow you to have a stable shooting platform, open field of view, or area needed to stabalize your rifle. That is where the RRR Gun Rest comes in, providing the answer for all of these issues and more in one inexpensive little device. 

Stable Platform In All Conditions

Lineing up that perfect shot is a skill that all hunters strive for. No hunter wants to watch an animal suffer and that is why we put in so much range time. Many hunters over the years have developed creative ways to stabalise their rifles, everything from shooting sticks to elabrate tree mounted systems. The RRR Gun Rest provides that stable platform to line up your shot where other options fail.

IMG_4561RRR Gun Rest Features

Unlike other products the RRR Gun Rest is light weight made out of a neoprene and water resistant nylon so that it will function in any condition that you put it in. Fitting almost every rifle with stocks from 1 1/4 inches to 2 1/4 inches wide making it interchangable with any rifle in your gun cabnet. The neoprine and water resistand nylon not only fit snugly on the rifle but they help you move siglently when in the field, not having to cary bulky shooting sticks and gear. 

Because the RRR Gun Rest fits snugly around the stock of the rifle it does not effect the optics or harmonics of free floating barrels. In fact the cussion provided under the rifle by the Neoprene material keep shots from shooting high. An added bonus is that the neoprene and nylon material protect your rifle from scratches when stabalising against a tree, stump, wall, stand, blind or truck. 

rrr gun rest allRange & Field

The RRR Gun Rest is just as suited in the field as it does at the range. The ease of just sliping your rest over the Unloaded Rifle  is easier than carying heavy bench mounted gun rest to and from the bench. Easily fitting inside your range bag and adding no aditional weight or using up valuable trunk space. I dont even remove my RRR Gun Rest I just place my rifle back in the case ready to use next time I go out. 

Made In The USA

RRR Gun Rest is made in the USA. Based out of Huston, Texas You can garentee that they will treat you right. Coming in a multitude of colors there im sure you can find one to fit your style. Because we love the RRR Gun Rest so much, we are proud to give the RRR Gun Rest our covited seal of approval. MHAF Approved


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