Recycled Firefighter “Fire-hose” wallet review


New Recycled Firefighter Wallet

We have all heard that one man’s trash is another man’s treasure, but can one man’s fire-hose be another man’s wallet? Meet Recycled Firefighter Brand wallets and handmade gear who’s mission to produce eco-friendly and durable gear is really catching fire.

Recycled Firefighter brand manufactures hand made goods for everyday carry made primarily from decommissioned fire hose material. The company got its start making simple wallet designs and now has expanded to notebook covers, belts, keychains, and other unique gear sewn by hand all made in the USA. One cool thing is that actual colors and markings often vary based on the actual hose pieces used, which makes the products really one of a kind. Every piece of fire-hose has unique untold stories about what IMG_5709_1024x1024fires it fought that we will never know, but to re-purpose it to protect our valuables is pretty awesome in my opinion.

I was able to test out two of the “Sergeant” slim card wallet with cash straps, one of which was made with actual firehouse and the other a new material for Recycled Firefighter made with rejected U.S. Combat boot leather. The thing I liked the most about this product is its simple design and durability. Everything you need, nothing you don’t. Today’s practical man doesn’t carry tons of cash bills in his wallet anymore, although he might from time to time, it’s not a necessity anymore. Thanks to plastic, he carries a few of his favorites, his credentials, and maybe some business cards.  Recycled Firefighter’s second wallet design is called the “Rookie” which can hold up to 12 cards. This wallet is a bi-fold design but still with a cash strap. This one opens and has full grain leather pockets on each side where-as the “SergeIMG_4907_1024x1024ant” just has one sleeve for cards.

Since carrying this wallet for a few months, I prefer the slim fire-hose “Sergeant” because of the uniqueness of the material. These wallets are made to last, their stitching is quality, and you literally cannot beat fire-hose for toughness. The only criticism that I would have about this wallet is that it definitely isn’t for you if you carry 47 cards in your wallet and / or your wallet is the size of a hockey puck. Additionally, there have been multiple times that feel for my fire-hose wallet and I think that I have lost it…only to realize…oh there it is… it’s so thin, I could hardly feel it. Great problem to have honestly. The reviews from other customers that I found were amazing on these wallets, and I must concur.

Where can I buy this Gear?

The “Sergeant” is available on as well as the “Rookie”. They sell for about $29 and $39 respectively. There are some new wallet materials available as well such as a vinyl “Tarp” Sergeant. One other product that I really like from this brand is the “Inspector” which is a pocket notebook with a firehouse material cover that sells for $49 and is available in four colors.     Photo_May_02_11_04_20_AM_1024x1024

Right now on the website, there are a bunch of different colors of wallets for sale online. This varies based on the stock of hose that they get in. So, keep watching and follow their instagram, facebook, and twitter for new gear drops. I salute you Recycled Firefighter for a great brand, a great product, and a great mission. The holidays are upon us, so if you are looking for a great gift that is sure to impress, shop Recycled Firefighter products at



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