World Record Warsaw Grouper Caught

Texas man Cullen Greer, a 28yo from Houston caught one of the biggest record Warsaw Groupers in the world last month off the coast of Louisiana. Coming in at 6ft and 297 pounds this Warsaw Grouper fell short of the current leading record grouper by 62.1 pounds. The current world record grouper at 359.1 pounds was caught back in 2008.297lb Record Warsaw Grouper

Record Warsaw Grouper Fishing

Greer was fishing 35 miles south of the Mississippi delta using live bait when he hauled in this massive Record Warsaw Grouper. Once back at the dock Greer divided the fifth largest grouper caught between the captain and crew taking his share and the story back to his friends and family back in Houston.

The popularity of fishing for the Warsaw Grouper is on the rise and with more being hauled in then ever we expect to see more record fish hauled up from the deep to break the records!

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