RaptoRazor Knife Review

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RaptoRazor with Safety Blade


RaptoRazor – Re-inventing Big Game Skinning

Everybody has their favorite knife. Crocodile Dundee had his, but I am sure even Mick Dundee would have been a user if they had the RaptoRazor down under in 1986.

RaptoRazor is a new knife design and concept originally developed for field butchering big game animals. It was founded and invented by Rick Grover in the Hawaiian Islands. Rick was tired of products that didn’t meet his needs & whose durability wouldn’t last, so he did what most forward thinkers do, he designed his own! As I stated, the product was originally developed to butcher big game animals with the gutless skinning method. This method is more common in the western United States, Canada, and other areas where (extra) big game animals such as elk, must be butchered in the field due to their large size. The Hawaiian Island’s offer some amazing hunting opportunities where Rick and his family were, and for convenience sake they commonly field quartered/butchered there as well. Some states however, have specific rules that require keeping a part of the animal’s sex organs attached to a hind quarter so the animal can be sexed. Some states also actually prohibit the method of “field skinning” because some State’s Natural Resource Departments want to ensure that proper tagging is verifiable and carcasses must be kept whole until taken out of the field. I don’t particularly agree with this thinking especially if it is a  warm day and removing the meat is critical or meat will spoil. Regardless, RaptoRazor has now morphed into a type of multi-tool that offers sportsman numerous uses and can not only be used to field dress but DIY butcher at home, saw, and be used as a safety knife for boating.

Check out this RaptoRazor Video…awesome

Intelligent Design

The RaptoRazor company currently has 2 designs out right now. First is the Big Game Skinner (BGS). With its T handle design, the knife fits firmly in hand. The BGS is offered in 100% 6064 T6 aluminum, anodized aluminum, powder coated, and injection plastic molded housings.  The total weight of the aluminum BGS knife and blade is 7.2 ounces. The aluminum housing has an etched handle and the molded one has a raised grip texture that both provide a nice non slip grip surface even when wet (think blood on hands). Now, it isn’t called RaptoRazor for nothing, holding the BGS knife in my hand makes me feel like an extinct species from Jurassic Park.

The Big Game Skinner replacement blades come in a 5 pack for $16.50 and are made of 420 stainless steel and fit any of the BGS housings. The blades themselves are designed for single use on a large animal but on smaller animals may be used more than once. The blade replacement is easy, and can be done in about a minute. Okay, I timed myself 1 minute 18 seconds. It’s intelligent designer even embedded a Phillips head screwdriver in the threaded handle which is needed to remove 2 screws to swap the blades. There is even extra space built into the handle that can serve as a match/survival compartment.


Next comes the second design, the MAKO knife. For field skinning, this precision blade allows excellent placement for removing back-straps, tenderloins, or de-boning cuts. The aluminum MAKO weighs in at a mere 6.2 ounces. It also has a T handle grip similar to the Big Game Skinner for all the same reasons including reducing hand fatigue. It has multiple other uses for cutting anything else your mind can come up with. But, the thing I like the most is the ability to quickly change into a 7 inch saw blade for cutting wood, plastic, or bone.

MAKO with 7 inch saw blade

MAKO with 7 inch saw blade

They have recently come out with a Marine Collection branded product line with a slight variation of the BGS as a safety knife (without the outer blade) designed for shipboard use. They even developed a plastic mountable holster available for quick access on a boat for both knife designs.

RaptoRazor Details

From my own critique and review of what I could find available on online, there aren’t many negative aspects of the knife assemblies. One of the only complaints I could have are that the blades are only designed for single use. With that said, however, they are extremely sharp and get the job done. Really a small inconvenience for the quality of the overall package in my opinion. Comparing the knife to other knives developed for skinning, there are many options available for much less of the price of a RaptoRazor. However, you will not find a knife as comfortable, safe, and effective as the RaptoRazors for field skinning big game animals.

The knives can be purchased from the website HERE! The aluminum BGS retails for $79.99raptorazor case and  the MAKO for $69.99. They each come with 3 replacement blade, safety holder, and carry pouch. However, they can be purchased together as as kit for $129.00 (a savings of about $20). The powder coated and the anodized are a few dollars more, but the injection molded BGS and Mako Kit can be picked up for $54.99 which is a great deal to pick up an impressive addition to your hunting pack.

This week RaptoRazor is running  25% off sale all week for Labor day through September 7, 2015 on all knives if you enter LABOR at checkout.

Overall, I like the bright Orange color of the knife because often times when gutting or skinning, knives can easily become lost in the grass or woods especially at night, but my ultimate pick is the aluminum housing Big Game Skinner because of durability and the sleek impressive look.

Products can be ordered on the website www.raptorazor.com

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