Montana West Conceal Carry Purse Is it worth the money?

As a woman supporting our Second Amendment right, I am always on the lookout for a “Conceal Carry purses“, Until I found the Montana West conceal carry purses.. If you’re like me, you a very picky when it comes to the purse you like to use. After all, I feel like my purse is representative of who I am. I’m not talking about “brand name picky” but more about the style, material and craftsmanship. I have seen many conceal carry purses at various stores, trade shows and even a garage sale. They are usually well made leather purses and simply not my style. (Not to mention expensive.)

Until I found the Montana West conceal carry purses. American-statesman-handbag


Handbags designed to carry a concealed weapon. Glacier bag in distressed leather from Kate Woolstenhulme. $349


Montana West conceal carry purse

Recently I have been seeing and hearing more about these new Montana West conceal carry purses. One woman I met with this purse works for the sheriff’s department and had nothing but rave reviews for hers. Another woman I met compared hers to American West in quality and workmanship. My interest was certainly peaked now. While enjoying the Okie Nation Outdoor show with my husband, I purchased one of these Montana West conceal Carry purses. This is the one I have now:

Montana West conceal carry purses profile Montana West conceal carry purses side Montana West conceal carry purse top

I was so excited to find one I liked, I couldn’t wait to get home and start stuffing guns into the pocket the same way you try on shoes! Now, I can truly see what everyone had been talking about. It has everything I look for:

•  The body of theMontana West conceal carry purses is Camo and it’s Canvass so it’s tough.
•  It has a separate conceal carry pocket with the zipper that pulls down to open.
•  Black Leather Trim, with two pockets on the ends. That’s where I like to put my keys.
•  Inside has 3 separated compartments, yet one zipper closes all of them.
•  It’s well made with quality materials so I really liked this craftsmanship.
•  It’s blingy, but not too much.
•  The Montana West conceal carry purse comfortable to carry, the straps are sturdy, and it has a separate holder for your cell phone that can placed anywhere with a click.
•  It doesn’t cost a fortune. MSRP was $94.99, I paid about $59.

To Good To Be True

It sounds too good to be true? Well, as it turns out this very particular Montana West conceal carry purses was indeed to good be true. The one feature that I sold me when I saw it, was it’s flaw.
Not one of my pistols fit into the pocket. I tried with and without the magazines however the butt of the gun was left hanging out in the end.


[metaslider id=922]

So what keeps the guns from fitting in the conceal pocket? Well, this purse has a design sewn into the conceal pocket as you can see. I believe it’s supposed to hold the gun in place and prevent it from shifting around.


Before I give you my final recommendation, I would like to clarify a few things:

  • Montana West has NOT paid for my product review nor are they my sponsor.
  • I did NOT receive this product free for a review.
  • I paid for my purse.
  • I learned a valuable lesson and wanted to share that lesson.

I have attempted to contact the company, but I have not received any response from Montana West. If I do hear back from the company I will keep everyone informed. I do know that all of the other Montana West purses that I’ve seen did NOT have this pocket design. They all had just a plain open pocket. Which makes me wonder if I just got a discontinued bag? It’s entirely possible.


Would I recommend Montana West purses for conceal carry?

Yes, I would and I would also caution you to make sure you check the conceal pocket before you hand over any of your hard earned cash.
On an antler scale of 1-10 (1= Turn around and RUN, and 10= Jump for joy, buy it, and hang on to it as long as you can)


  I rate Montana West at 7 out of 10 possible points

(Points were deducted for flaws in the feautre design and customer service.)

Here are some examples of the styles that I have seen. All these purses had the “normal” conceal carry pocket. 😉 unlike the Until I found the Montana West conceal carry purses.

montana west purse styles





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