Mark Rodgers

Predator Hunter (1)

I’m a native Northern Californian who grew up in a non-hunting household. Our house was built in the middle of an olive orchard in a small town where there were more horses than humans.

As a kid I heard stories of my great uncles who were avid hunters and I knew that, in spite of my upbringing, I was born with the same warrior spirit. The spirit that drove me to buy my first BB gun at the age of 11 and carefully conceal it from my parents for years.

I began hunting the way most young people did, shooting magpies and blue jays out of the orchard and as I grew older the desire to hunt grew stronger and as my skillset improved, so did my love for the hunting lifestyle.

Fast forward 40 years to a seasoned spot and stalk big game hunter, avid waterfowl, upland game and predator hunter. The greatest joy in my life has been raising my son to carry on the tradition of the sustainable and self-reliant hunting lifestyle and as one would expect, the student has become the teacher.

We’ve enjoyed God’s blessings of the earth and are thankful to have harvested Whitetail, Columbian Black tail, Mule Deer, Elk, Bear, Hogs, Waterfowl, predators and a host of upland game birds. My priorities are God, Family, Country and hunting is integral to all three of those aspects of my life.

The spirit of the outdoors is alive in me and I’m honored to be a part of the Military Hunting and Fishing Pro Staff.

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