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Presto MyJo: Taking Your Coffee Pods Outdoors


Coffee.  Some simply enjoy it, others can’t exist without it.  No matter how we take it during our day to day, once we head into the great outdoors we seem willing to settle for that harsh sludge known as Campfire Coffee.  Ever wished you could just bring your coffee maker from home?  If you brew your morning cup in a Keurig  machine, you can…Kinda.  The Presto MyJo is a manual coffee maker that lets you brew a fresh cup of coffee using your favorite coffee pods.  All you need is a source of hot water.
The Presto MyJo is composed of 3 parts: the pod holder, the water resevoir, and the pump. Its operation is pretty simple. Place your favorite coffee pod in the lower pod holder section.  Be careful. There’s a needle in there, just like your Keurig machine at home. The water resevoir screws onto the top of the pod holder section. As it is screwed down, it pierces the pod to let the water in.  Add hot water to the resevoir.  Adding more or less water lets you adjust the strength of your brew.  Fit the rubber pump bellows to the top of the water resevoir and you are ready to go!  Balance the assembled MyJo on top of your favorite mug and press slowly and firmly on the pump. Compressed air will force the hot water thru the pod and brew your cup of happiness. 

The Presto MyJo could be a good addition to your camp kitchen.  The components seem durable enough for the backcountry.  Its light weight, and since it uses coffee pods, it will be easy for everyone in camp to enjoy their favorite brew.

I found my Presto MyJo at the local Walmart.  It’s available on Amazon for under $20. For it’s durability, versitility, and ease of use, the Presto MyJo gets the nod of approval.



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