Poseidon Portable Charger Rugged Review

poseidon Portable chargerEach year we drag more and more electronics out in the field to help share our way of life. Be it setting in a tree stand or a day at the beach most of us are hard pressed to leave our phones and most the time cameras and other devices at the door on our way out. Dragging multiple energy hungry devices can be a pain and when the juice is gone what are we to do? The Poseidon Portable Charger is here to solve our energy needs on the go.

Poseidon Portable Charger : In the Box

When you get the Poseidon charger in the mail from Dark Energy you know that you are receiving a quality product. Everything from the packaging to the design of the charger is on par. In the box you receive the Poseidon 10,000mAH Portable Charger and light, A Micro-USB Paracord Charging Cable, Nylon Strap and Stainless Steel locking Carabiner.

Initial Thoughts

poseidon portable chargerThis charger is rugged, Think of an Otter Box Phone Case on steroids! The charger itself is IP68 Waterproof rated and surpasses all military Drop-Test standards. This thing feels tough right out of the box and you know that it can take a beating! The nylon strap with latching steel carabiner is a nice touch giving you a secure attachment to your hunting or day pack without the worry of losing this massive battery. Coming in at just a little over 11 grams with cable the charger won’t hurt your pack weight or your back for that matter. My package also included a lightning cable for apple devices and a sweet Dark energy hat, more on that later.

Testing the Poseidon Portable Charger

For a two week period I carried this charger around everywhere. Although the charger is a little big to fit in my front pocket I had no trouble putting it in my back pocket or attach it to my backpack on one of the many Molle strap positions. The weight of the device was hardly noticeable and i had a charge no matter where i was.

poseidon portable chargerCharging with the Poseidon is as easy as plugging in a USB. The two plugs available include a 1.0 amp and a 2.4 amp (Quick charge) Giving you a total of 3.4 amps of charging power. The two USB ports also allow for multiple devices to charge at a time, providing me more then enough juice to charge my iPad and Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge at the same time with juice at the end to spare!

The charger does take 5 hrs to fully recharge and get you back out in the field but the weight is well worth it. The power provided in the Poseidon’s 10,000mAH Batter dwarfs the previous charger that we reviewed here on MHAF: HERE

Built in the charger was an emergency light. The led although bright for its size is an emergency device that i would leave to just that. In a pinch it would help you find your way out of the woods and with the built in SOS it my save you in a pinch. With my experience in the woods and the wilderness i would not bet my life solely on this light, but it is a handy backup that will already be with you if you purchase this device.

Is it Rugged?

Through the two weeks of testing I have dropped through and let my kids handle this device. There are multiple videos of extreme torture testing that are all over the internet and well worth a look. In the future maybe ill host a periscope where i run over the device with my jeep and shoot it with an arrow. Time just didn’t allow with this review and I have no doubt that it would survive. Dark Energy even has a video of the Poseidon getting shot with a shotgun and surviving to charge again.


MHAF ApprovedThe Poseidon Portable Charger is a rugged military grade charger that is best suited in its natural environment “The wilderness” !  Be it Land, Sea, or Air this devices will be there to charge your devices when you need it. With Christmas coming up this would be the perfect device for the outdoorsman in your life. I have no problem giving this charger the MHAF seal of testing and approval!

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