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PETA Let Us Hunt Deer! Its Wildlife Conservation

peta fighting wildlife conservation, hunters and anglersFor years, there has been an ongoing battle between hunters, anglers, Wildlife Conservation, outdoorsmen alike, and organizations like PETA and other animal rights groups. They cry foul every time someone posts a kill on social media or if someone is reported driving down the road with a deer in the bed of the truck. They use statistics against us and tell us that it is wrong and we throw off the delicate balance of nature when a deer is shot. They call us barbarians and cruel to the helpless creatures of planet earth. Although, we are not barbarians, we are human beings, and as human beings, we have a God given right to hunt and kill for our own nourishment. Hunting and fishing is an honest and economically beneficial sport. It’s too bad not everyone can see it that way.

Huntings overwhelming Popularity

Over 12.5 million people over the age of 16 hunt annually, not to mention the amount of anglers. I find it very hard to believe that, that many people could be wrong about something. We do what we love and the last thing we need is someone getting in our faces, telling us that we are animals. I don’t know about the rest of you, but I don’t shove a dead animal or fish in the face of a PETA member, and tell them they need to change their ways, although, this seems to be exactly what they like to do. The majority of us don’t force the lifestyle on anyone who doesn’t want it. Me personally, I like to keep to myself, and only share my successes with those that I know can share the same interests.

anglerAnglers and Hunters & Wildlife Conservation Save the Economy!

Anglers and hunters play a huge role in this nation’s economy. As of 2012, the average amount of money spent on gear by outdoorsmen annually was $2,000. Now multiply that by the 12.5 million that was mentioned earlier. On top of that, over $300 million is spent on wildlife conservation from thousands of private hunting organizations.  Does PETA really think that the government will side with them and put a stop to the sport? How much money has PETA spent on wildlife and land conservation? I doubt very much if any at all. Not only does that massive dollar amount help our already suffering economy, but the money we invest in this sport also goes into wildlife conservation. Our national forests and state parks rely on this money to preserve these properties so that everyone can enjoy them. This leads me to another point, hunters and anglers are not the only ones who enjoy these parks. Bird watchers, hikers, bikers, joggers and campers enjoy these parks. It would be wrong of me to state that among this mentioned population, that there are no anti-hunting activists who spend time enjoying America’s parks. Their purpose is nothing short of hypocritical. What about the meat they buy from the supermarket? If anything, those slaughtered animals are treated worse than those we shoot or catch ourselves.

PETA deer Hunting PETA Hunting and Fishing With Us

We don’t force you to go fishing or hunting with us. I understand that millions of animals are mistreated every day, and the thought of it makes me sick. Instead of putting so much focus into shutting down the anglers and hunters, put a little more focus into the underground dog fights and animal abusers alike, not on Wildlife Conservation!  We have as much respect for the animals we kill, as they do for the animals they claim to want to protect.



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I am a 27 year old Marine Veteran, and I have recently found my way back home to Texas. Born and raised in the Texas hill country, I grew up with the sounds of cicadas, the smell of pine and cedar and a view of rolling green hills as far as the eye can see. My favorite memory of all is the sound of the Guadalupe River flowing by as its icy cold water rushes over my feet. Growing up, fishing was all I really cared for. My tackle box was filled with nothing more than a few hooks, bobbers, and maybe a couple spinner baits. As I grew up, this dream I was living started to fade away. I got older and took on responsibilities, a wife, two children…bills. After the military, I tried to make my way back into the hill country, but I had to go where the work was. Today I reside near Sugarland, Tx, just 15 minutes south of Houston. It’s a beautiful area, but the only thing missing is, well, natural beauty. My love for bass fishing was almost no more after realizing there were no natural streams or ponds within a reasonable driving distance. I decided to make the best of what I was given. Neighborhood ponds, parks, water run-offs on the side of the road are what I have today. Fishing next to “Resident only signs” and even a few “No Fishing” signs, and getting kicked out of neighborhoods is now something that is all too familiar for me. But of course, that won’t stop me from doing what I love, because I’ll always just come back. Find me on Twitter @UrbanAnglers !
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