Peragon Truck Bed Cover Install and Review

Peragon Truck Bed CoverNothing is more American and outdoorsy than a truck. Since 1981 Dodge has been making quality trucks but were not here to talk about the truck, We’re here to do a review on the Peragon Truck Bed Cover! 

The Search

I don’t know if you have done a search for truck bed covers lately but the results will come up in the thousands. Finding a bed cover that met my needs was no easy task. Not breaking the bank was a huge bullet point on my list. Bed covers come in a wide range of prices. Bed covers can range anywhere from $100 to well over $1500 and that’s not even getting into custom colors added features, or anything else that the company offer. 

The cover needed to be reasonably water resistant. I need the ability to throw gear in the back and leave it if need be and have the understanding that it won’t be soaked when I go to retrieve it. On that note, it also needed to be easy to operate and quick to put up and take down. I am not the primary driver of the Ram 1500 so ease of operation is a must, my wife needs to be able to open and close the cover and easily retrieve and place items in the bed of the truck. 

The last feature that was a must is that the cover cannot reduce the over usefulness of the bed. A hard top camper shell was out the option. Being able to load ATV’s and other equipment easily without having to worry about a height restriction was a must. All of these features pointed to one company and the Peragon Truck Bed Cover.

Peragon Truck Bed Cover Company

For over 15 years Peragon has been making truck bed covers. Every Peragon bed cover is built with pride in Spooner, Wisconsin. The main components are solid aluminum, computer-machined for perfection every time. After the satin black powder coat finish is baked on, They hand-assemble the cover and place it in a box for delivery. Having this level of manufacturing supporting a company inside the USA is a win-win. 

Despite what you would think, this hard aluminum truck bed cover comes in at only $699. For me, the $699 price tag does not break the bank and is more reasonable than most of the comparable covers that are on the market today. I also opted to spend the additional $29 for the stainless steel hardware to reduce future problems with rust and to increase the longevity of the cover. 

Because of the promotion that was going on, I didn’t have to pay for shipping and all we had to do was wait for the shipping to arrive. 3 business days later a happy FedEx driver dropped two large packages off at my door. 

Truck Bed Cover Install

Friday had come and had a half day and the sun shining “this is the day” I said to myself. Getting my coffee (I don’t do anything without coffee) and making my way to the garage to the two large boxes I proceeded to open them and find the instructions. To my pleasant surprise, the instruction booklet was thorough even though the installation seemed straight forward. Inside the box, everything was neatly packaged and labeled in a way that you could not mistake a piece or miss a step.

The main portion of the Peragon Truck Bed Cover, the panels were already assembled and packaged ready to be installed. Leaving only the rails and track system for me to install. After a quick review of the instructions, this was easily assembled. The longest part of the build came when installing the mounting brackets. Taking my time to ensure that everything was aligned correctly before drilling and installation, to reduce problems later on down the install. This portion does require that you drill through the top rails of the truck bed, easily done with some masking tape and a cordless drill. I did find however that I required a bit 1 size larger than the one recommended in the instructions due to the size of my bolts. 

Up until this point, I had completed the installation alone. Only now did I require some assistance to maneuver the rails into place on the truck bed. Once the rails were sitting on the truck bed I was once again free to work alone. Attaching the rails to the mount loosely, I decided at this point to deviate from the instructions. I installed the running panels and put it in the closed position. This allowed me to align the rails on the truck square and in the proper position reducing the number of adjustments that it would require to ensure that everything runs smoothly. 

Just a couple more bolts to tighten, installing the hydraulic shocks to hold the Peragon truck bed cover closed. After running it open and closed a couple of times to ensure proper fit and finish I called it a day. The total install time by myself was a little over 3 hours. With some help or at a faster pace than my reduced relaxed enjoying the sunshine pace I believe that it could be installed in as little as 1hr. 


I only ran into two complications with the truck bed cover over the past two weeks that I have had it installed. The fist was installing the hydraulics that required me to climb into the bed when the unit was closed due to my drop in bed liner and spacing that was available. Not a big deal but if you have a drop in liner this is worth noting. The second was also due to the drop in bed liner! One of a more serious nature the drop in bed liner was allowing water to ride under the seal near the cab of the bed. The gap was not caused by Peragon Truck bed cover so this is more of you might have this issue. After a couple of days of excellent customer support emails by Peragon, it was determined by me that I would just fill the gap with some clear silicone and call it a day. After the silicone was dry I have had no further issues with leaking or water seepage. 

Overall I am impressed with my new Peragon Truck Bed Cover, there is no noise during driving, it is easy to operate, and does everything that was on my list of required items. I will write an update on the cover if any of these ever change or if I get a chance to swing by the Peragon factory in WI, they are right next to the Chequamegon-Nicolet National Forest after all. 

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