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Active Duty Military

Armed Forces (AF) Antlerless Deer Licenses:

($6.70) These licenses are issued by County Treasurers to eligible resident, U.S. Armed Forces or U.S. Coast Guard personnel. Qualified applicants may apply to any County Treasurer for the WMU in which they desire to hunt. To qualify, applicants must be full-time active duty or within 60 days of their honorable discharge. Immediate family members of qualified applicants and individuals serving in the Reserves are not eligible for this license.

Do military personnel need a fishing license?
Military personnel are required to purchase a fishing license. Those who are stationed in the Keystone State under permanent change of station orders (PCS) of duration of 6 months or more or who produce documentation proving same qualify for a resident fishing license. All others must obtain a non-resident or tourist license.

Certain active duty military personnel are exempt from PA fishing license requirement’s. To be eligible for the military waiver, an angler must:

be a bona fide Pennsylvania resident,
be on active duty,
be stationed outside PA, and,
be here on authorized leave.

While in the act of fishing, the military personnel must carry proof of each of these requirements, such as a PA driver’s license, a military ID, and valid military orders showing the place of assignment and leave status.

Under the law, a qualifying soldier, sailor, airman or marine does not receive a free PA fishing license. Instead, eligible active duty military personnel can legally fish without a license under the limited circumstances outlined in the law. The PA Fish & Boat Commission recommends that anyone taking advantage of this provision display a military ID while in the act of fishing in much the same way as one would display a conventional fishing license.

Persons who are exempt from license requirements are similarly exempt from the requirements for a trout/salmon permit (58 Pa. Code section 63.20(e)) and a Lake Erie permit (30 Pa. C.S. section 2907.2(c)).

The law does not exempt military personnel on leave from any other requirements of fishing or boating laws and regulations.

National Guard & Armed Forces Reserve licenses are available to those persons who provide documentation that within the previous 24 months the person was deployed overseas as a member of the reserve component of the armed forces for a period of 60 consecutive days or more or was released early from service because of an injury or disease incurred in the line of duty. This license is only available at Commission and county treasurer offices. Locations are contained within our complete agent listing, county treasurers are generally located at county court offices….go to a list of our agents.

Disabled Veterans

Permits are available from the PA Game Commission for persons with disabilities who meet certain guidelines established in 34 Pa. C.S., the Game and Wildlife Code.

Permit applications and the required physician’s statement forms may be obtained through a download on this page, or from each of the Commission’s six regional offices or the Bureau of Law Enforcement at the Harrisburg Headquarters.

In addition to a disabled person permit, all permit holders must be in possession of a valid Pennsylvania hunting or furtaker license as required by the Game and Wildlife Code .

Free Resident Disabled Veteran (DV) Hunting and Furtaker Licenses: (Issued by County Treasurers only – all other agents are prohibited from issuing this type of license.) To be eligible for a resident disabled veteran license, the veteran must have a service-related disability incurred during a war or armed conflict and meet one of the three criteria.

Disabled veterans who meet certain criteria. To qualify for a free fishing license, an applicant must:

Be a bona fide resident of the Keystone State;
And qualify as one of the following:

(1) Have a disability incurred in any war or armed conflict consisting of

(a) loss of one or more limbs;
(b) loss of use of one or more limbs; or
(c) total blindness


(2) Be 100% disabled as certified by the United States Department of Veterans Affairs (VA).

We have a separate fact sheet that discusses free licenses for disabled veterans….go to fact sheet.

Resident Disabled Veteran (DV) Lifetime Renewal Hunting License: (No Charge) Issued to Resident DV Lifetime Hunting license holders to renew their DV lifetime hunting license for the current year. DV lifetime hunting license holders renewing for the first time through PALS must provide their social security number (one time only) and their valid PA Drivers License or some other form of positive ID showing their current address. ID cards are no longer issued or required since PALS accesses the resident DV lifetime license database to verify privileges the individual has on file.

PALS summary link: Pennsylvania Automated License System



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Replacement Licenses: If a general license has been lost or destroyed, a replacement may be purchased for $6.70 by applying to any issuing agent. A lost antlerless license can be replaced only by a county treasurer. County treasurers may issue replacement antlerless deer licenses for any WMU. Other replacement licenses may be purchased online at by clicking on “Buy Your License.”

Reference-Pg 82….PA Hunting & Trapping Digest

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