Ozark Custom Calls

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Military Hunting and Fishing Is proud To have Ozark Custom Calls as a partner in our Outdoor industry. 

Ozark Custom Calls Are made "One of a kind – One at a Time" and are the only Call's that Military Hunting and Fishing trusts to get the job done every time!

Richard Meagher owner of Ozark Custom Calls takes pride in providing a unique customer experience, an award winning product, and unique and beautiful creations that would make your mother cry. Although Richard stands taller then most 6'7", He is one of the most down to earth guys I have ever had the pleasure to work with. What has started as a partnership quickly turned into a friendship. Now this doesn't mean that I let him slack on the quality of my calls. Read More

Ultimate Deer Hanger


Military Hunting and Fishing is proud to be a partner of The Ultimate Deer Hanger.

The Ultimate Deer Hanger is the last deer hanger that you will ever have to buy. With its patented design and unique center of gravity you will never have to hassle or deal with a deer falling off during cleaning again. Not only does The Ultimate Deer Hanger work for deer but it is adjustable for smaller animals such as hogs and boar. Military Hunting and Fishing has tested and approved The Ultimate Deer Hanger. Read more.

RAKS Big Game Supplements

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Military Hunting and Fishing is Proud to present our partnership with RAKS™

If you want a Bigger, Stronger, or Healther herd of deer then RAKS is the suppliment that you have been looking for. RAKS is the only Big Game Deer Suppliment that Military Hunting and Fishing trusts to keep our herd of Deer Healthy and Growing full racks all year long. If your not using RAKS then you are wasting your money on salt lick. But dont take our word for it, Try RAKS today for yourself! Read more.

Classic Skull Mounts

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Military Hunting and Fishing is Proud to present our partnership with Classic Skull Mounts!

My name is Matt Anderson and I recently started Classic Skull Mounts, LLC. As far back as I can remember, I have been fascinated by wild animals. I grew up in rural Montana in a family that spent a lot of time outdoors, fishing, hunting, camping, you name it, we did it. Growing up in Montana in circumstances such as these put me face to face with a lot of trophy animals, primarily mule deer. Read More

Wolf Premium Oil

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Military Hunting and Fishing is proud to have Wolf Premium Oils as a partner in our Outdoor industry.

When Mike Woulf first contacted me about this amazing new gun oil I at first had my doubts. After talking with Mike about the product in length and finaly recieving a sample bottle for testing, I can say hands down that it is the best Gun Oil that I have ever used. Wolf Premium Oils stands behind their product 100% and MHAF is proud to have approved it! Read More

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