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Military Hunting and Fishing Is proud To have Ozark Custom Calls as a partner in our Outdoor industry. Ozark Custom Calls Are made “One of a kind – One at a 2009 award winning Ozark Custom callTime” and are the only Call’s that Military Hunting and Fishing trusts to get the job done every time!

Richard Meagher owner of Ozark Custom Calls takes pride in providing a unique customer experience, an award winning product, and unique and beautiful creations that would make your mother cry. Although Richard stands taller then most 6’7″, He is one of the most down to earth guys I have ever had the pleasure to work with. What has started as a partnership quickly turned into a friendship. Now this doesn’t mean that I let him slack on the quality of my calls.

Custom Hunting Calls

When Richard says, “One of a kind – One at a Time”, that is what he means. Each call is hand turned by him in his workshop from a blank piece of wood! Richard has been serving the hunting community for years. Born and raised in  Los Angeles California, He moved to Springfield Missouri in 1996. Richard Meagher has been an active hunter for 35 years. Richards father introduced him to hunting and conservation at an early age helping grow his love for the sport over the years. Richard has taken these lessons learned from his father and passed them on to his daughter.

OzarkCustomCalls Partner Military Hunting and Fishing