Opening Day of Trout!

I can remember the first time I went fishing my dad took me and my little sister to a friends pond over in York County, PA. I had a little Snoppy Rod, that day we caught several fish. I had an amazing time. My sister even caught a fish that was laying her eggs. Which I found very cool and tragic at the same time. I have loved fishing ever since, but my husband has no patience for fishing, but his tackle box is as big as mine. Tell me how that works? 

Opening Day SpotThis year I convinced him to head to our cabin for opening day of trout. Several friends were going up near our cabin as well and usually they had great luck. So this past Saturday morning at 6am I woke up and got ready for my day. The weather stunk. Cold, cloudy and wet, but I was still ready to go. We got to the spot we wanted to go around 7am and talked with some locals about the spot. We felt confident our hunch would pay off.

8am came and I casted my line out into the water. The gentleman next to me pulled a trout in the first 2 minutes making me happy and hopefully. Then the man down from him caught another. All good signs right? Wrong! An hour and a half later we decided to pack up and go upstream maybe find some better luck.We didn't have a single bite! Didn't even see any fish swimming around. We went up a few miles and found a spot with only 3 cars. We ran into a few fisherman who had some luck. They did point out 2 nice Palomino trout. Now my interest were peaked.

Friends Success

I never caught a Golden Trout. The guys told us they had tried, but he wasn't budging. So I gave it a shot. I tried worms, power bait, spinners, etc. And nothing! This fish wouldn't budge after 45 minutes I decided well he gets to live another day. A friend had some luck upstream so I went to join him. And still nothing! I decided to give up for the day after 3 hours and not a single bite it just wasn't my day. Several friends had success. My girlfriend caught her first fish ever and her husband caught his max. So that at least made the day a success in my mind. I have off work this Saturday and I can bet you this week I will have success!!!


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Jamie Agnew-Gruber

About the Author:

I can still remember the first time I shot clay pigeons with my family, I was about 8 or so and I can remember my dad standing behind me helping me aim and shoot. He also, was making sure that I wouldn’t fall over from the recoil of the shot gun. Which at that time I didn’t understand, but now years later I understand why he taught me what he did on that day. I couldn’t wait to get my hunting license and go out with my dad’s family hunting. He grew up near Philadelphia so my uncles and cousins would come down from Philadelphia and go hunting on the farms around our house. I can remember them all in orange and putting on drives and I would watch them from my bedroom window until they got past the horizon and I couldn’t see them anymore. I couldn’t wait to do the same. As I got older my interest in hunting started to disappear, but when I was 16 I meet my now husband and without him even knowing he started teaching me about hunting. Just from listening to his stories him and his dad would tell. However, what really got my interest in hunting was this past summer I started working for a small hunting store in my home town and hearing people the stories some of the guys in the store talk about their adventures really peaked my interest. So this year I finally convinced my husband to take me hunting.I am hoping as I start this new journey that you all are excited to hear from a newbie and watch me get my first doe, turkey, or maybe even be lucky enough to get a buck.
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