Olympia FL450 Flood Light Review

If you ask anyone that knows me they will be able to tell you I kind of have a flashlight fetish. I am always looking for a great flashlight with more power, usability, and functionality. Now my wife would tell you that I have too many flashlights, and my reply is that you could never have enough! So when the Olympia FL450 arrived I was ecstatic.

Olympia FL450 Features

This flood light boast’s a number of features that you would not find in more expensive flashlight on the market.olympia fl450

  • 450 Lumens
  • 5 Watts
  • 3-4 hours of battery life 7.4V 2200 mAh Lithium Battery
  • Waterproof IP67*
  • Rechargeable, includes wall adapter and car charger
  • Light swivels 360 degrees and tilts 80 degrees
  • Cordless for flexible application
  • LED lifespan of up to 30,000 hours
  • 7.4V 2200mAh Lithium battery
  • 2 Year warranty
  • GW: 29 ozs
  • MSRP $59.99

The multi Use Light

I love having thing that are multi use, and who wouldn’t like to bundle things that are useful together? Flashlights are no exception to my rule that everything needs to have a multi purpose. The Olympia FL450 Flood Light is an excellent example of a multi use light. Being water proof and  internal battery powered gives it the ability to easily be stowed in your pack or mounted to an ATV. The stand makes it a great shop and work light giving you that perfect angle to see what you are working on hands free.

Fit and Finish

Not what you expect For a $60 light (or less if you shop around). The designers did not skimp where it matters. The light portion itself is solid. Huge Heat fins are located between the light and 2200mAh Lithium battery that keeps it cool. The metal Body of the light is solid and has the feel of something that is going to last. The frame made from tube aluminum and rubber end caps is light and sturdy, Just what you need with a portable light. The paint and lens came flawless and classic yellow and black tool color so that you don’t loose it in the field.

Flood Light Testing

Olympia FL450 Flood Light basement testI tested this Flood Light quite extensively. If you are following me on social media you would have seen that we recently had a flood in the basement of about 3 inches of Black Water. Having to shut off power to the basement due to a compromised electrical lines, the Flood light came to the rescue providing us with enough light to stop the flow of water and start the cleanup process! (Picture Right)

Initially when unboxing the FL450 from Olympia Outdoors I charged the device fully and started testing that night. Being a snowy night and Wondering about the extent of the flashlights  IP67 waterproof rating I did what any good product test would do and through it out in the snow on to see how long it would last. Now fast forward 3 hours 4o min and the flood light had passed the test with out even blinking.

Olympia FL450 Flood Light under carDurability comes to mind when I think of a good Flood Light. This past week for me has been busy. My new Atlas Bumper arrived and needed installed. Being 25 Deg outside and lots of wrench turning to be done I knew that I would need light underneath my Jeep. The 450 Lumens came in handy for just the task.

Now if you are like me wiggling around on my back underneath the Jeep you lose track of where everything is. Often when reaching for tools I would whack the light with my arm and send it tumbling across the driveway. Knocking it off of the bumper a few times and dropped it upside down once when it slipped out of my hands. Stuff happens and I have to say other than a few scratches on the finish of the Olympia FL450 face plate it is none worse the ware! These scratches do not take away from the function of the light and are not on the lens.


MHAF ApprovedI have Put this light through its paces these past weeks with everything from Shit water to snow passing all the tests. The Olympia FL450 from Olympia Outdoors is a great budget Flood Light coming in at under $60. Offering 450 lumens cordlessly and flawlessly. Rugged enough to last through bumps, drops, prolonged cold, and water puts this in a level above other lights of its class at this price range. Charging the light at home or on the go coming with both a car and house charger is just icing on the cake. I am proud to Put the MHAF support on the Olympia FL450 Flood Light giving it our seal of approval. Ill keep testing the flood light and report on social media so be sure to follow and ask us questions about it there!

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