NEW Under Armour Turkey Trax Vest 2014

Under Armour Turkey Trax Vest Back Support

Before you know it spring turkey season will be here. Actually for Pennsylvania hunters its only 30 days away. Last week I received the new Under Armour Turkey Trax Vest. If you’re looking for a new turkey vest definitely give this vest a look over.

As any turkey hunter knows there are some critical is crucial, you need to have easy access to your shotgun shells, decoys and calls. Finding the right turkey vest for you is important. My first vest was a hand me down for my husband. It was a nice vest, but way too long for me. I am just a little vertical challenged and the vest constantly hit my knees making the trek through the woods much more difficult. I have been doing some searching for a new vest for the spring turkey. I believe that the Under Armour Fast Track Turkey Vest is made great for women hunters and the average hunter. As for most hunting gear there’s always pros and cons. For me I was overall pleased with the product because…

Under Armour Turkey Trax Vest Features

1) If you have any Under Armour hunting apparel you probably are used to the high quality of fabric they use for their products. This vest is no different.

2) Probably my second feature is the molded back panel and the fact that it naturally fit to the contour of your back is great. I personally hunt turkeys without a blind and am usually propped up against tree and having something with the back support is absolutely wonderful.

3) My favorite feature is the retractable seat. I absolutely love this feature! I wish every turkey vest was like this.

Under Armour Turkey Trax Vest Retractable Seat

 For me I find it difficult sometimes to strap or a snap my seat back up and being able to just slide the seat up with ease. I’m hoping that the rest of the turkey vest industry takes a look at this feature and starts integrating this into their products. 

4) Moveable pocket is a great feature because it allows each person to place the items where they desire. There are 5 outer pockets and 2 internal mesh pockets. There are individual pockets for a box, slate and mouth call. Now the mouth call pocket is not movable. There is also, a shotgun shell pocket with 10 spaces for shells plus room for more shells or maybe any other hunting gear you may need to carry.

5) The vest also has a padded shoulder to help with recoil of your firearm.

6) Instead of the usual zipper, snap or plastic buckle to secure your vest the Under rmour Turkey Trax Vest uses a magnetic closure.

7). The last feature on the vest is what Under Armour calls there game bag.  This game bag is built with 2 zipper pockets with the top pocket having your orange safety flag. There is also room for decoys within the game pocket.  Depending on the size of your decoys your pocket can hold approximately 2 to 5 decoys.


NEW Under Armour Turkey Trax Vest Shot Gun Shell Pocket

Under Armour Turkey Trax Vest Flaws

It would not be a true product reviewer if I didn’t tell you that there are flaws with the Under Armour Turkey Trax Vest. I have only 3 big flaws with this product.

1) The price of the Under Armour Turkey Trax Vest really takes it out of the running for being one of the best turkey vests on the market in 2014. This vest will cost you $200 unless you have a chance to find it on sale somewhere. There are definitely some great vests out there for a fraction of the price. This is my number one issue with this product. The average hunter is not going to spend $200 on a turkey vest. Here’s hoping that next year’s model keeps all the great features it has for a fraction of the price.

2) If you are the average hunter with a long torso or a larger build this vest is definitely not going to be for you. Even though its labeled one size fits most it’s going to be true. I look forward to next year’s model being built for different sized hunters.

3) Finally my last thing I would say that if Under Armour would have the ability to purchase extra pockets to individualize your vest this would be great.

Under Armour Turkey Trax Vest Conclusion

NEW Under Armour Turkey Trax Vest Mouth Call Pocket

Besides these 3 cons I truly love the new Under Armour Turkey Trax Vest. I’m hoping Under Armour finds a way to bring the vest out again next year, but a price everyone can afford.  There are also some vests out there that have some great features that you might want to look into as well. First is the Tenzing TZ TP14 Turkey Hunting Pack with Seat, Realtree Max Xtra that allows you to be able to hunt anywhere because it’s also a chair and vest in one, but this vest will cost you a price of $300.  If you’re looking for some more vests to check out this year Scent Blocker Thunder Chicken Turkey Vest or the Cabela’s Women’s Turkey Vest both running for about 

$100.  Last from Bass Pro collection is the RedHead Men and Women Striker and Camo Vests for $60-70.

NEW Under Armour Turkey Trax Vest Slate Call PocketUA vest


What are your thoughts on the Under Armour Turkey Trax Vest?

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