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Natural Camo Face Paint

30cc7e64ad701e52485a600e1ae97bbe_oi3vSince archery season is just around the corner, I would like to introduce you to Natural Camo Face Paint.  Natural Camo Roll On Face Paint is produced by a family owned and operated company in Red Wing, Minnesota.  Natural Camo Roll On Face Paint comes in a roller ball applicator which makes applying the paint fast, easy, and mess free.  Natural Camo Roll On Face Paint is grease free, scent free, paraben free, and non toxic.  It is made with FDA approved ingredients and can be easily removed with water and a towel.


My Introduction to Natural Camo Face Paint

Hunting during small game season and rifle season require hunters to wear orange in order to be seen byCrissy, Bev, Amy, Gail other hunters for safety purposes.  I have hunted during small game season and whitetail rifle season for many years, and I always wear my orange.  You can only imagine my surprise when I went duck hunting for the first time in January 2014!  CAMOUFLAGE!  I was being introduced to a new way of hunting, I went from wearing highly visible orange to concealing myself in camouflage.  We were in the duck blind when I was introduced to Natural Camo Roll On Face Paint for the first time.  Crissy Springer and Beverly Sisk, two of the founders of Babes, Bullets, and Broadheads, were applying the face paint and Crissy asked me if I wanted to try wearing it.  I agreed and she applied some to my face.  It didn't feel greasy, but I couldn't help but wonder how hard it would be to wash off.  We started to hunt and I quickly forgot about washing the face paint off.  After spending the day in the blind hunting and harvesting ducks, we loaded into the boats to head to shore.  We took photographs with our duck harvest and then I went into the house to change clothes and to remove the face paint.  I splashed my face with water and washed lightly with a washcloth and the paint came off easily.  I was so surprised!  I did not even use soap!  My skin was clean and not irritated.  No redness, no dryness… I was amazed at how easily the Natural Camo Roll On Face Paint washed off.

Coverage for Spring Turkey Season

I ordered a spring kit from Natural Camo Roll On Face Paint for Spring Turkey season.  It was easy to order from their website,, and arrived in a few days.natural camo spring kit  The spring kit consisted of three vials of face paint, six quick clean towels, a survival mirror, and a black pouch to keep everything in.  The cost was $24.95, which sounded reasonable to me.  I couldn't wait for the first day of turkey season so that I could wear this make up!  I knew that Natural Camo Face Paint would give me an excellent camouflage coverage for spring turkey season.  The morning of the first day of turkey season I applied the face paint and prepared for a day of hunting.  The face paint held up all day long, and I have a bad habit of touching my face often.  It did not run, it only smeared a little bit on my hand one time when I was rubbing my cheek, and at the end of the day it washed off just as easily as I remembered at the duck hunt.  I continued to use Natural Camo Roll On Face Paint throughout spring turkey season and I did not have any problems with the product.  It always stayed in place and did notcamo amy even run on the day that I was out in light rain.  My face never broke out, dried out, or became irritated from wearing the make up which made me a very happy hunter!  I was very pleased with the matte finish, the ease of removal, and the camouflage coverage for spring turkey season.  I applied Natural Camo Roll On Face Paint eight times from the Spring Kit and the vial of Coal Black was getting a little low.  I went to and ordered an individual vial of Coal Black and also added a vial of Mallard Green to add to my coverage for Spring Turkey season.  I applied the face paint eleven times using the vials that came with the kit and the only one that I ran totally empty was the Coal Black.  They claim that one vial will give you enough face paint for 8-10 applications and I found this to be true.

The Many Colors of Face Paint

Natural Camo Roll On Face Paint can be purchased by kits or by vials.  The kits contain three vials of face paint, six quick clean towels, a survival mirror, and a black pouch to store everything in.  The kits come in different varieties such as the Doe natural camo face paintKit (which features a vial of Pretty in Pink face paint), the Fall Kit, the Winter Kit, and the Spring Kit.  The kits cost $24.95 plus shipping and handling.  If the colors available in the kits do not suit your needs you can order individual vials.  There are many colors of face paint available to choose from and they are sold in 5ml vials and the cost is $6.00 per vial plus shipping and handling.  There are twelve colors including Bear Brown, Coal Black, Cornfield, Khaki, Gun Metal Grey, Mallard Green, Muddy Brown, Pine Green, Pretty in Pink, Redhead, Snow Goose, and Shadow Grass.  The many colors of face paint give you the opportunity to choose coverage for your environment.   

Product Approval!

Natural Camo Roll On Face Paint has won my product approval!  I really love this product and I recommend it for you to try.  I love the roller ball applicator, it allows the face paint to go where you want it and keeps your hands clean.  I love that it is scent free, grease free, and non toxic.  I love that it washes off easily and does not make my face break out.  I was a lucky girl the day that I was introduced to Natural Camo in that duck blind in Tennessee by those southern girls!  If you have been using a greasy face paint maybe you should put it on the shelf this season and give Natural Camo Face Paint a try.  I guarantee that you will be amazed at how easily it is removed!  Thanks for reading and happy hunting to you all! 




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