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Active Duty Military

The director, with the approval of the fisheries and wildlife board, shall establish classes of Massachusetts sporting, hunting, fishing, and trapping licenses, which shall be issued upon payment of the appropriate fee, the amount of which shall be determined annually by the commissioner of administration under the provision of section three B of chapter seven. Such license classes may specify the types of fish and game authorized to be taken, the time period when the license is valid if less than one year, and such related aspects as the director may determine, provided that for a class of license valid for a consecutive period of days less than one calendar year, said days shall be specified on the license and the duration of the license shall be so limited, notwithstanding any provisions of section eighteen and section thirty-two.

Resident sporting, hunting, fishing, and trapping licenses shall be issued to the following classes of persons:– (1) A citizen of the United States, resident in the commonwealth for at least six consecutive months immediately prior to his application for a license, and (2) a person who is on active duty in the armed forces of the United States and is stationed within the commonwealth. Nonresident sporting, hunting, fishing, and trapping licenses shall be issued to any other citizen of the United States.
Reference: Massachusetts General Law Section 11 of Chapter 131

Disabled Veterans

Definitions of Massachussetts veterans –

Veterans Laws and Benefits – PDF

Section 11 of chapter 131 of the General Laws, as appearing in the 2008 Official Edition, is hereby amended by inserting after the fifth paragraph the following paragraph:

Notwithstanding the foregoing, no fee shall be charged for any license issued hereunder to a veteran, as defined in clause forty-three of section 7 of chapter 4 and whose last discharge or release from the armed forces of the United States was under honorable conditions and who is a resident of the commonwealth. The commonwealth shall bear the cost of such waivers, not the department.

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Veterans’ Plate

Disabled Veterans’ Plate

Disabled Veterans Plate

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