Marine Corps to Remove “Man” from MOS’s

marine corps to remove manThe Marine Corps to remove man from Military Occupational Specialty (MOS) job titles such as “Infantry Assault Man” and “Basic Infantryman” Replacing the titles with more gender respectful endings. Some Job titles, such as “Rifleman” and “Mortarman” Will remain the same wail others will receive the ending “Marine.”

The Marine Corps to Remove man

The US Marine Corps did not come to this decision lightly. After a month long review mandated by Navy Secretary Ray Mabus back in January. This mandate follows the decision to open tall military jobs to the women of the armed forces.

In a letter Wrote January to the Marine corps Commandant Gen. Robert Neller from Navy Secretary Ray Mabus stated: “Please review the position titles throughout the Marine Corps ensure that they are gender-integrated as well, removing ‘man’ from the titles.”

Making the Change

marine-modelsThis change will take some time to get use to as some military members do not support the changes. One Navy Admiral not to be named stated “we’re doing a lot of things in the military in general that are absolutely a waste of time.” “You don’t see anyone on the street corners with signs saying, ‘I’m tired of having a rating with ‘man’ in the title.

“I think you will find that women and men don’t have monolithic, gender-based opinions on the issue of semantics or integration, and that is a good thing,” says West Point graduate Paula Broadwell, who runs the Think Broader Foundation, a non-profit focused on how gender is represented in the media and society. “Diversity of opinions challenges each of us think more broadly about these important issues.”

The MOS name changes are important, Broadwell notes, because she believes they contribute toward setting a tone where women are viewed not as objects, but as equals. “In that regard,” Broadwell says, “making micro changes in semantics is a critical step towards holistic integration.

Degrading of the Military, Some think so

Although the US Marine Corps to remove man does not change a rich history, some see the MOS change as the start of a degrading of the military. The services overall have been weakened by “empty platitudes and concessions to political correctness run amuck,” says Commander Dan O’Shea, a retired Navy SEAL and OEF/OIF veteran.

“Can SECNAV Mabus answer how further emasculating the Navy and Marine Corps by removing ‘man’ from every job title increases the combat mentality and lethality of our military?” O’Shea says. “Continuing to push a ‘macho’ warrior culture and ethos out of the service will only result in driving out those who joined to go to war and not for the GI Bill, VA benefits or false praise like a medal for finishing boot camp or an unearned ‘neutered’ title.”

Hand_SaluteMarines will always be Marines

No matter what you call them they will always be Marines! “At the end of the day, my fellow brothers and sisters are all Marines, regardless of what the MOS is called,” says Joel Weber, a Marine Corps Forces Special Operations Command (MARSOC) Master Gunnery Sergeant who spoke to PEOPLE on his off-duty hours. The Marine Corps to remove “Man” Makes no difference in my book and we salute all that serve!



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