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Lure-Guard Fishing Gear Review

Fishing hooks love to get tangled. Anyone who has ever been fishing can tell you that. Other rods, carpet, other lures and skin are just a few of the things that seemingly attract hooks and cause frustrating tangles. This is especially a problem for anglers who use several rigged poles at the same time. No matter how well you try to keep them apart, they will eventually get tangled and valuable fishing time is lost to untangling.

102_0948That is where the Lure-Guard comes in. I recently had the chance to review the Lure-Guard and the simple, yet effective product left me impressed.

A Tackle Box for Every Lure

The Lure-Guard is essentially an individual tackle box for a lure that remains tied onto your line. It instantly eliminated the risk of any hook getting tangled with objects around it. In addition to ending the frustration of trying to disengage hooks from a tangle, it also adds another level of safety to transporting fishing gear. This is especially noteworthy for any anglers who enjoy the sport with young children.

Easy to Use

Attaching a Lure-Guard to your lure could not be simpler. To open the container, you gently squeeze near the latch that keeps the Lure-Guard closed and it easily pops open. Place the lure inside, thread the line through the molded gap, and snap the case closed. There is even a molded hook on the bottom to attach the case to your pole or reel.

Practical Testing

After attaching a this product to one of my rods, I tested its effectiveness in my truck. My fishing vehicle is an SUV and has a carpeted storage area. It seems like automotive carpet is a magnet for fishing hooks of any type and I have spent many uncomfortable minutes crawling into the back of my truck to untangle lures. However, with the Lure-Guard attached, those days were immediately over. The product simply works and does exactly what it was designed to do and those are my favorite types of products.

Minor Downfall


The only downfall of the this product is that there is currently only one size available. While the available size will fit the vast majority of lures that anglers commonly use, there will be some lure types that won’t be compatible including spinnerbaits, Jitterbugs, and large plastic frogs. Outside of that minor issue, the Lure-Guard is a product that every angler should have in their arsenal of gear.

For more information and to order your own Lure-Guard, check out their site here.

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