Levenhuk Karma Pro 8×42 Budget Binocular Review

Now days its hard to find a good pair of Binoculars without breaking the bank. Levenhuk is just the company to resolve that. Levenhuk is a major manufacturer of optical devices and instruments such as microscopes, telescopes, binoculars, monoculars, spotting scopes and accessories. The company is headquartered in the United States out of Tampa and has eleven sales and delivery branches all over the world.

Although Levenhuk is headquartered in the United States you may not have heard of them or their products. This hidden gem has been focused on the overseas market since 2002 filling a huge gap for optics around the world. I like many of you have never heard of the company until the sent me a pair of Levenhuk Karma Pro 8×42 Binoculars to try out.

In The Box

The Binoculars came very will packaged in a nice box with great graphics covering the contents and all the features of the Levenhuk Karma Pro 8×42 Binoculars.

binoculars-levenhuk-karma-pro-8x32The Kit Included:

• Levenhuk Karma PRO 8×42 Binoculars
• Eyepiece and objective lens caps
• Strap
• Cleaning Wipe
• Pouch

Also included in the packaging was some instructional guides that covered cleaning, maintenance, and general functions of the binoculars. Also included in the box was warranty information. Levenhuk offers a lifetime warranty with all of there products showing that they stand by their products!

Levenhuk Karma PRO 8×42 Binoculars

On initial inspection there are a number of features that I enjoy with a good pair of binos. The rubber coating provided plenty of grip and weighing in at only 1 lb 14oz they are not to heavy to throw in a pack or around your neck for a day hike. The Levenhuk Karma PRO also features a large objective lenses to help with low light collection and featuring a pristine coating to keep glair to a minimum.

The binoculars have very nice covers that fit snugly to protect the lenses when in the case or out in the field. The Oculars of the binoculars feature not only distance changing eye cups but feature individual eye focus. With my eyesight not getting any better this is a must! Seeing how I require glasses for distance. These two features also made focusing in on objects in the field that much easier!

Field Testing

Levenhuk Karma PRO Test spotHaving the Levenhuk Karma PRO for a full 45 days I was able to test it in multiple settings. My first test being near the water where we were spotting boats coming into the harbor. With the sun low in the sky and reflecting off the water the coating on the objective lenses help reduce the glair and keep us from getting blinded. The 8X42 magnification provided enough zoom to clearly spot and read the names of multiple vessels as they came into the harbor. My 5yo always wanting to follow in my foot steps had no problem using the binoculars to spot Seagulls on the beach bellow the bluff where we were spotting.

Later that night we had a crystal clear sky and a harvest moon on the rise due to the refraction in the earths atmosphere. What better low light test then to look at the moon and distant stars through the Levenhuk Karma PRO. I was able to easily see and point out to my children different features on the lunar surface! Although stability os normally an issue with my large pair of binoculars that i use on a daily basis this was not the case with the Karma Pro!

In the woods it was more of the perviousness. This time just on a day hike to see what game trails and sign in our area. Although we did not find anything of not we did however have no problem using the binoculars to spot birds in the distance and watch them hop across the ground. The quick focus played a great role in out success with this task.

The binoculars spent most of their time during testing in my jeep, exposed to temperature ranges from 20 deg to 70 deg. It has been a weird weather year and any binoculars that I would buy would be housed there. Although the binoculars are not nitrogen filled i experienced no clouding or condensation issues. It is to be noted that the operating temp for the Levenhuk Karma PRO is between 5-140 deg. If you are looking for nitrogen filled binoculars they do offer other models with that feature!


Although the Levenhuk Karma PRO 8X42 Binoculars did not have a nitrogen filling this was not currently a factor and did not degrade the quality and functionality of the binoculars. Coming in at just under $95 they have a number of features that you would not expect for binoculars in this price range. The craftsman ship and quality were pristine and I will be looking at Levenhuk as a major competitor in the US markets soon. If you are searching for an excellent pair of binoculars at a great price then you need look no further then the Levenhuk brand.

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